• FNCE3003
  • Derivatives

  • Credits (ECTS): 10
  • Accounting and Finance

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Module Description

The Derivatives module principally concerns the valuation and pricing of derivative instruments. This course will teach students how derivatives may be used to manage financial risk. Valuation techniques of actual OTC and exchange traded contracts are developed.

Indicative Syllabus

Introduction to Derivative Markets
Historic and Sociological Perspectives
Spreadsheet, VBA and C++ modelling of financial derivatives
Determination of Forward and Futures Prices
Hedging Strategies using Futures
Yield Curve construction
Interest rate Markets
Fixed Income Instrument Analysis
Derivatives Regulation
Spreadsheet modeling of financial derivatives
Mechanics of Option markets
Properties of Options
Trading Strategies involving Options
Binomial Trees
The Black-Scholes Model
Options on Stock Indices, Currencies and Futures.

Total Contact Teaching Hours:80

Pre-requisite Modules

Title Code
Mathematics For Finance & Econ FNCE2004

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