• ITEC1020
  • Information Technology 1

  • Credits (ECTS): 5
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Available on Programme(s): DT366

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Module Description

The module will develop the student's understanding of I.T. and its role in business. Particular emphasis is placed on personal productivity desktop applications, the aim being to encourage the student to acquire (or augment) intermediate-level skillsets in the areas of document preparation, presentations, spreadsheets, web resource usage and operating system basics (file management). The syllabus is also designed with a view to supporting the learning and assessment requirements of other modules and to lay the foundation for more advanced treatment of some components (e.g. spreadsheets) at later stages of the programme.

Indicative Syllabus

Information Technology overview: hardware, software, systems, applications, data communications, topical issues.
Document preparation: word processing, text and image manipulation, formatting, spellcheck, document structure and styles, large documents, table of contents, mailmerge.
Presentations: slide layouts, text, images, charts, schematics, animation, presentation structure & design, master slide.
Spreadsheets: foundations, formulae, relative and absolute referencing, basic functions including. if() and vlookup(), formatting, charts, sorting & filtering, introduction to pivot tables.
Operating systems: file management, folders, network and cloud storage options.
Web resources: browsers, search engines, procurement and appropriate usage of web-sourced materials.

Total Contact Teaching Hours:24

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