• JOUR2007
  • Television Presentation

  • Credits (ECTS): 5
  • Media

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Module Description

This module will be delivered in year 2 of the BA in Journalism programme and is designed to equip the student with the skills to write and deliver a one minute journalistic report to camera. The learners will experience working in an Electronic News Gathering (ENG) environment and be expected to research a story, across the duration of the semester, write a cogent and professional standard report reflecting that research and present it in a as live' broadcasting situation.

Indicative Syllabus

An introduction to working with Electronic News Gathering (ENG) equipment, including Video Camera, Tripod, Microphone and Lighting equipment. Researching and documenting a journalistic story, in the form of a Research Diary, across the duration of the module and generating a final one minute script for assessment from that material. Introduction to the development of skills in presentation to camera, including, shaping and writing a cogent script, styles and mood of presentation and techniques in script delivery.

ISCED:0321: Journalism & reporting
Total Contact Teaching Hours:24

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