• LAW1004
  • Business Law

  • Credits (ECTS): 10
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Available on Programme(s): DT366

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Module Description

This course in law emphasises the legal issues inherent in Irish business. The Module aims to provide an understanding of the legal framework within which a business operates.

Indicative Syllabus

Sources of Law
Outline of sources inc. constitution, legislation, judicial precedent, EU law including Human Rights laws.
Criminal and civil law system court structure inc. commercial court
Formation. Capacity Terms and Exclusion Clauses. Vitiating Factors-mistake, misrepresentation, duress, undue influence. Discharge of contract. Remedies. Electronic contracts
Sale of Goods
Consumer law: Sale of Goods Acts, National Consumer Agency
Implied Terms
Transfer of possession and property.
Employment Contracts:
Contracts of service and for services. Duties of employer and employee.
Main rights of employees: including unfair and wrongful dismissal, redundancy, remedies
Health & Safety legislation
Nature, creation, authority of agent, liabilities of agent & principle.
Company Law
Formation of a company: Characteristics of a company including separate personality, corporate veil, limited liability and other characteristics. Types. Formalities for forming a company: documentation, promoters role & duties, corporate names,
Share & Loan capital: capital, types of shares, prospectus, capital maintenance, share transfer, minority rights, debentures, capital maintenance, dividends
Company administration: Director types, appointment, removal, role, duties, breach of duties, removal, director transactions, powers, restriction and disqualification orders. Other officers: company secretary appointment, duties role. Auditors, appointment duties, role, removal Company meetings, types, requirements, resolutions.
Shareholders types, rights. Annual return requirements.
Insolvency: fixed & floating charges and priorities. Receivers, liquidators, examiners
Governance: nature; legal and extra-legal regulations; fraudulent, insider trading, market abuse, money laundering, bribery, fraudulent & reckless trading
Data protection
Other business forms
Partnership and sole traders
Negligence: duty of care, duty of possessor of skills, defences, professional negligence
Other Torts including passing off
Property law
As may apply to role of professional e.g. accountant Landlord and Tenant, Planning law
Companies Act 2014; Relevant European Union Legislation.

Total Contact Teaching Hours:78

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