• MGMT3033
  • Strategic Management 1

  • Credits (ECTS): 5
  • Accounting and Finance

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Module Description

This module is aimed at students in the final year of a level 8 business degree programme and must be considered as an advanced module. Strategic Management is a big picture course. It cuts across the whole spectrum of business and management. The centre of attention is the total enterprise � the industry and competitive environment in which it operates, its long-term direction and strategy, its resources and competitive capabilities, and its prospects for success. The answer that emerges, and which becomes the theme of the course, is that good strategy-making and good strategy-execution are the key ingredients of organisation success and the most reliable signs of good management. The mission of the course is to explore why good strategic management leads to good organisation performance, to present the basic concepts and tools of analysis, and to drill participants in the methods of crafting a well-conceived strategy and executing it competently.

Indicative Syllabus

Strategy and the organisation
1. The nature of strategy and strategic decisions
2. Strategic management
3. Strategic management in different contexts
4. Strategic management in practice-reflections on the nature of strategy
Stakeholder expectations and organisational purpose
1. Corporate governance
2. Stakeholder expectations
3. Ethical behaviour
4. The cultural context
5. Organisational purpose-mission, objectives, strategic intent
External environmental scanning
1. Analysis of the general environment
2. Analysis of the customer and markets
3. Analysis of the competitive environment
Internal analysis
1. Resource audit
2. Analysis of capabilities and core competences
3. Adding value – value chain and value system
4. Analysis of human, financial, operations resources
Strategic choice
1. Develop the strategy
2. Strategy evaluation and selection
Strategic implementation
1. Marketing issues
2. Financial issues
3. Research & development issues
4. IS/IT issues
5. HR issues
6. Project management issues
7. Management change issues
Matching structure with strategy
1. Designing organisation structure
2. Designing strategic control systems
3. Matching structure and control to strategy
The nature of global competition
1. Development of the global business
2. Global strategies
3. Managing a global company
4. Researching global customers
Outcomes of the strategic management process
Corporate versus business performance; sustaining competitive advantage; a learning organisation; alternative performance measures.

Total Contact Teaching Hours:36

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