• MGMT3034
  • Strategic Management 2

  • Credits (ECTS): 5
  • Accounting and Finance

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Module Description

This module is aimed at students in the final year of a level 8 business degree programme and must be considered as an advanced module. It is the mission of the Strategic Management 2 module to expose students to the many, often conflicting, perspectives in the field of strategy and by so doing increase student's thinking ability. A broad range of differing, and often conflicting, perspectives and theories will be presented, reflecting the richness of current debate among academics and practitioners in the field of strategic management. In this module the many theories, models, approaches and perspectives have been clustered around ten central strategy issues. These ten strategy issues represent the key questions with which strategists must deal in practice. The conflicting perspectives on how the strategic issue should be approached are contrasted with one another by staging a virtual debate. No attempt is made to present the 'right answer' or provide a 'grand unifying theory'- students must make up their own minds based on the arguments placed before them. As students need to determine the strengths and weaknesses of each strategy perspective, they also become more adept at combining different 'lenses' to gain a fuller understanding of a problem, while becoming more skilled at balancing and mixing prescriptions to find innovative solutions to these problems. For this reason, the works of influential theorists are discussed in order to address the different perspectives on many of the key strategic issues and to strengthen the strategy debate.

Indicative Syllabus

Strategy Process
(i) Strategic Thinking
(ii) Strategy Formation
(iii) Strategic Change
Strategy Content
(i) Business Level Strategy
(ii) Corporate Level Strategy
(iii) Network Level Strategy
Strategy Context
(i) The Industry Context
(ii) The organisational Context
(iii) The International Context
Organisational Purpose.

Total Contact Teaching Hours:36

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