• MKAY9001
  • Value Driven Strategic Market

  • Credits (ECTS): 10
  • Marketing

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Module Description

This module is primarily concerned with providing the learner with the knowledge, competencies and skills to become a successful digital marketer. It will provide the learner with an extensive grounding in enabling technologies and tools and how they link with a digital marketing strategy. The module aims to reflect what is happening in the world of digital marketing today and provide the learner with the most current knowledge and skills. The learner will receive a rigorous and solid immersion in how to organise, plan, implement and control a digital marketing strategy within a broader strategic framework. The module challenges the learner to critically evaluate alternative business and revenue models. It explores how digital marketing can create customer value. Brand strategy options and traffic building for customer acquisition, conversion and retention are examined. Web analytics and customer life cycle analytics are explored.

Indicative Syllabus

1. Creating customer value
2. Mapping the digital eco system
3. Competitor analysis
4. Competitor benchmarking
5. Strategic partner analysis
6. online business and revenue models
7. Online brand strategy
8. Customer insight
9. Visitor Segmentation and positioning strategy
10. online value proposition
11. online marketing mix
12. Digital marketing platforms
13. customer acquisition, conversion and retention
14. Social media
15. SEO
16. Mobile
17. Affiliate marketing
18. Performance management and Web analytics strategy
19. Customer life cycle analytics
20. Digital marketing budget

Total Contact Teaching Hours:47

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