• MKAY9002
  • Customer Insight

  • Credits (ECTS): 5
  • Marketing

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Module Description

This module addresses the critical discipline of consumer behaviour and the interaction of consumers with organisations, and indeed, other consumers, in a digital environment. The module therefore provides students with an opportunity to develop a critical understanding of the theoretical foundations and practical applications of a consumer-led approach to marketing. Students need to be aware of how consumers operate in an online context, for example, with reference to their search behaviour pertaining to purchasing decisions, and also with regard to their ability and predisposition to upload, create and share information online. Online platforms such as social media provide consumers and marketers with an opportunity to enter into dialogue with each other, and also as a means for consumers to forge connections with like-minded members. As such, these platforms can provide marketers with access to valuable information about consumers which accordingly requires the student to be au fait with the range of established and emerging research tools which assist in the exploration and the generation of insights into consumer behaviour.

Indicative Syllabus

1. Consumer behaviour in online and offline contexts e.g. psychological and behavioural processes.
2. Trends in digital consumer behaviour ? e.g. mobilisation of consumption, globalisation, personalisation.
3. Consumers as ?pro-sumers ? ? namely as consumers and producers of online content.
4. Development and presentation of identity and self, in both an online and offline context.
5. Online communities and cultures.
6. Segmenting digital consumers.
7. Using online platforms as sources of consumer insights.
8. Online research methods ? the range and applications of methods such as surveys; depth interviews; panels; diaries and journals; participatory blogs; focus groups; structural network analysis; netnography.

Total Contact Teaching Hours:24

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