Bachelor Engineering Tec (Ord) Mechanical Engineering   DT006

  • Undergraduate
  • Level 7
  • 3 Years
  • Full-Time
  • Bolton Street
  • School of Mechanical and Design Engineering
  • College of Engineering and Built Environment

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What is Bachelor Engineering Tec (Ord) Mechanical Engineering?

The Mechanical Engineering Programme maintains its traditional flexibility, allowing its graduates a wide choice of opportunity in all industries. It stresses the fundamentals while embracing the changes in advanced technology. It also provides the core transferable skills which prepare graduates for career changes when desirable. Students are exposed to a wide range of laboratory and practical mechanical engineering tasks that complement the theoretical modules. The Mechanical Engineering Department places great emphasis on independent learning and learners develop their skills in this area through project work, independent assignments and team work activities. This three-year full-time programme prepares learners for the Bachelor of Engineering Technology (Mechanical Engineering) degree award. At the start of the third year, learners are offered a choice of two options; Process Plant Technology or Manufacturing Technology. Each year consists of two semesters

External and/or Professional Details

Professional Body Accreditation:Engineers Ireland

Students may be required to attend classes at locations across the Institute.

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