Bachelor Engineering Tec (Ord) Mechanical Engineering   DT006

  • Undergraduate
  • Level 7
  • 3 Years
  • Full-Time
  • Bolton Street
  • School of Mechanical and Design Engineering
  • College of Engineering and Built Environment

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Programme Credits (ECTS):180


Module Title Code Core/Option Credits (ECTS) Semester
DT006 Year 1
Computer Sys & Apps for Engrs MECH1003 CORE 5 Full Year
Energy and Technology MECH1055 CORE 10 Full Year
Engineering Drawing MECH1005 CORE 5 Full Year
Instrumentation MECH1053 CORE 10 Full Year
Mathematics 1 MECH1006 CORE 5 Single Semester
Mathematics 2 MECH1009 CORE 5 Single Semester
Mechanics and Materials MECH1054 CORE 10 Full Year
Professional Development MECH1002 CORE 5 Full Year
Workshop Processes MECH1008 CORE 5
DT006 Year 2
Applied Energy Systems 1 MECH2009 CORE 5 Single Semester
Applied Energy Systems 2 MECH2010 CORE 5 Single Semester
Applied Mechanics 1 MECH2001 CORE 5 Single Semester
Applied Mechanics 2 MECH2023 CORE 5 Single Semester
Ctrl Sys & Instrumentation 1 MECH2007 CORE 5 Full Year
Electrotech. & Electronics 1 MECH2004 CORE 5 Full Year
Eng Management Studies 1 MECH2002 CORE 5
Engineering Computing MECH2006 CORE 5 Full Year
Manufacturing Technology MECH2025 CORE 5 Full Year
Mathematics 3 MECH2003 CORE 5
Mechanical Design & Materials MECH2005 CORE 5 Single Semester
Product Design and CAD MECH2024 CORE 5 Full Year
DT006 Year 3 (All Streams)
CAD & FEA MECH3003 CORE 5 Full Year
Control Sys & Instrumentation2 MECH3007 CORE 5 Single Semester
Electrotech & Electronics MECH3004 CORE 5 Single Semester
Eng Management Studies 2 MECH3002 CORE 5 Full Year
Final Year Project MECH3010 CORE 10 Full Year
Mathematics 4 MECH3006 CORE 5 Full Year
Mechanics and Materials 3 MECH3001 CORE 5 Single Semester
Mechanics and Materials 4 MECH3028 CORE 5 Single Semester
Energy Systems Design MECH3012 OPTION 5 Full Year
Manufacturing Management MECH3013 OPTION 5 Single Semester
Process Systems Analysis MECH3009 OPTION 5 Single Semester
Product Design MECH3005 OPTION 5 Full Year

Please note that the catalogue is provided as a guide to modules in DIT. Not all modules listed will necessarily be offered every year and new modules may also be added. Information subject to change. For detail on specific programmes/modules please contact the relevant School directly.