Bachelor of Architecture   DT101

  • Undergraduate
  • Level 8
  • 5 Years
  • Full-Time
  • Bolton Street
  • School of Dublin School of Architecture
  • College of Engineering and Built Environment

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What is Bachelor of Architecture?

The Degree programme in Architecture is a five-year undergraduate programme with 250 students approximately spread equally across the five years. The programme is delivered by a team of full-time staff backed up by part-time teachers and visiting lecturers. The School is situated in the Faculty of the Built Environment which also contains a School of Construction Trades and apprentice training. Consequently the architectural students receive their education alongside training programmes designed for other practitioners of the building industry. Because of its origins, and as a result of its relationship with construction trades and technology, the education policy of the school is to provide a strong relationship between the philosophy and theory of architecture, and the practicalities of design and construction, with a primary emphasis on educating architects to engage in the professional practice of architecture. There is a strong policy of full integration between the design studios; the technical aspects of building construction and building design, and the academic subjects that inform the architectural student of theoretical scientific and environmental issues. The quality of the environment and the sustainability of designs form part of this philosophy.

External and/or Professional Details

Professional Body Accreditation:Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland (RIAI)

Students may be required to attend classes at locations across the Institute.

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