Bachelor of Science (Hons) Human Nutrition and Dietetics   DT223

  • Undergraduate
  • Level 8
  • 4 Years
  • Full-Time
  • Kevin Street
  • School of Biological Sciences
  • College of Sciences and Health

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Programme Credits (ECTS):240


Module Title Code Core/Option Credits (ECTS) Semester
DT223 Year 1
Biochem & Molecular Biology BIOL1414 CORE 10 Full Year
Evid Based Pract in Nut&Diet BIOL1009 CORE 5 Single Semester
Food Studies BIOL1700 CORE 10 Full Year
Infection and Immunity BIOL1602 CORE 5 Full Year
Intro to Histo, Anat & Physiol BIOL1800 CORE 5 Single Semester
Intro to Pro Prac,Comm&Beh Sci BIOL1011 CORE 5 Full Year
Nutrition Science 1 BIOL2702 CORE 5 Single Semester
Nutrition through theLifecycle BIOL2701 CORE 5 Single Semester
Organ System Physiology BIOL1801 CORE 5 Single Semester
Practice Placement A BIOL1010 CORE 5 Full Year
DT223 Year 2
Biochemistry of Metabolism BIOL2109 CORE 5 Single Semester
Clinical Chemistry BIOL2207 CORE 5 Single Semester
Control&Integrative Physiology BIOL2804 CORE 5 Single Semester
Introduction to Dietetics BIOL2008 CORE 5 Single Semester
Nutrition Science 2 BIOL2703 CORE 5 Single Semester
Nutritional Epidemiology BIOL2009 CORE 5 Single Semester
Pathophysiology BIOL2014 CORE 5 Single Semester
Practice Placement B BIOL2007 CORE 15 Full Year
Professional Practice Studies BIOL2704 CORE 10 Full Year
DT223 Year 3
Adv Profess Practice Studies BIOL3210 CORE 10 Full Year
Applied Nutrit and Metabolism BIOL3718 CORE 5 Single Semester
Applied Nutrition BIOL3719 CORE 5 Single Semester
Clinical Laboratory Science BIOL3207 CORE 5 Single Semester
Dietetics 1 BIOL3708 CORE 10 Single Semester
Dietetics 2 BIOL3709 CORE 10 Single Semester
Management BIOL3906 CORE 5 Single Semester
Medicine and Therapeutics BIOL3206 CORE 10 Full Year
Consolidation (ES) BIOL3013 OPTION 5 Single Semester
Dietetics (ES) BIOL3012 OPTION 5 Single Semester
DT223 Year 4
Advanced Nutrition & Dietetics BIOL4000 CORE 5
Practice Placement C BIOL4704 CORE 30 Single Semester
Res Meth 2:Data Analysis/Inter BIOL4905 CORE 5 Single Semester
Research Project BIOL4906 CORE 20 Single Semester

Please note that the catalogue is provided as a guide to modules in DIT. Not all modules listed will necessarily be offered every year and new modules may also be added. Information subject to change. For detail on specific programmes/modules please contact the relevant School directly.