Bachelor of Science (Hons) Business and Management   DT365

  • Undergraduate
  • Level 8
  • 4 Years
  • Full-Time
  • Aungier Street
  • School of Accounting and Finance
  • College of Business

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Programme Credits (ECTS):240


Module Title Code Core/Option Credits (ECTS) Semester
DT365 Year 1
Accounting 1 ACCT1008 CORE 10 Full Year
Communications MGMT1007 CORE 5 Single Semester
Economics 1 ECON1007 CORE 10 Full Year
Information Technology INFS1031 CORE 5 Single Semester
Irish Politics BUSF1000 CORE 5
Marketing 1 MRKT1011 CORE 5 Single Semester
Organisational Behaviour/Mgmt MGMT1011 CORE 10 Full Year
Quantitative Techniques MATH1011 CORE 10 Full Year
DT365 Year 2
Accounting 2 ACCT2015 CORE 10 Full Year
Business Law BUSL2000 CORE 10 Full Year
Economy of Ireland ECON2007 CORE 5 Single Semester
Human Resource Management HRMG2003 CORE 5 Full Year
Information Management INFM2000 CORE 10 Full Year
Management Science MGMT2012 CORE 10 Full Year
Operations Management OPMN2000 CORE 5 Full Year
EU Integration EUFK2001 OPTION 5 Single Semester
Mathematics For Finance & Econ FNCE2004 OPTION 5 Single Semester
DT365 Year 3
International Economics ECON1015 CORE 5 Single Semester
Work Placement WKPL3002 CORE 15 Full Year
Advanced Financial Reporting ACCT3011 OPTION 10 Full Year
Advanced Management Accounting ACCT3009 OPTION 10 Full Year
Corporate Finance ACCT3010 OPTION 10 Full Year
Digital Marketing MRKT3011 OPTION 5 Full Year
HRM - Contemporary Issues HRMG3003 OPTION 10 Full Year
International Management MGMT3016 OPTION 5 Full Year
International Year Abroad INT33001 OPTION 60 Full Year
Macroeconomic Theory & Policy ECON2002 OPTION 10 Full Year
Marketing Research MRKT3009 OPTION 10 Full Year
Mgt Accounting forBus Decision ACCT3008 OPTION 10 Full Year
New Venture Creation MGMT3017 OPTION 10 Full Year
Supply Chain Management LOGT3010 OPTION 10 Full Year
Taxation 1 ACCT3012 OPTION 10 Full Year
DT365 Year 4
Global Strategic Management STMG1003 CORE 10 Full Year
Advanced Mgmt Accounting 2 ADMG4000 OPTION 10 Full Year
Applied Project MRSP4000 OPTION 15 Full Year
Applied SCM & Cases SCMT4000 OPTION 5 Single Semester
Business and Society BSOC1000 OPTION 5 Single Semester
Consumer Behaviour CONB4001 OPTION 10 Full Year
Corporate Gov. & BusinesEthics MGMT4103 OPTION 5 Single Semester
Critical Analysis in Acc & Fin FNCE3001 OPTION 10 Full Year
Employee Relations EREL4000 OPTION 10 Full Year
Enterprise Studies ENTP4000 OPTION 5 Single Semester
Financial Econometrics FNES4000 OPTION 10 Full Year
Financial Services FNSV4008 OPTION 10 Full Year
Financial Strategy FNST4000 OPTION 10 Full Year
Global Supply Chain Management SSCM4000 OPTION 5 Single Semester
Int Fin & Monetary Economics FNCE3005 OPTION 10 Full Year
International HRM HRMG4000 OPTION 10 Full Year
Marketing Communications MKCM4002 OPTION 10 Full Year
Performance Management HRMG4005 OPTION 10 Full Year
Quality Mgmt. & Process Improv MGMT4009 OPTION 5 Single Semester
Small Business Management SBMG5000 OPTION 5 Single Semester
Strategic Information Systems SISY1000 OPTION 5 Single Semester
Strategic Logistics Management STMG4010 OPTION 5 Single Semester
Strategic Management Models MGMT4020 OPTION 5 Single Semester
Strategic Marketing STMK4005 OPTION 10 Full Year
Taxation 2 TAXN1000 OPTION 10 Full Year

Please note that the catalogue is provided as a guide to modules in DIT. Not all modules listed will necessarily be offered every year and new modules may also be added. Information subject to change. For detail on specific programmes/modules please contact the relevant School directly.