Master of Science Food Safety Management   DT437

  • Postgraduate Taught
  • Level 9
  • 2 Years
  • Part-Time
  • Cathal Brugha Street
  • School of Food Science and Environmental Health
  • College of Sciences and Health

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What is Master of Science Food Safety Management?

The programme is based upon dynamic developments around the food industry. Through the unfolding of the various food crises, consumers have emerged as fundamental stakeholders in the food industry. Consumer confidence in the safety of food is has been shaken by food crises of the recent past. Responses, such as the establishment of the FSAI and the new European Food Authority, are intended to restore this confidence. EU policy will now place primary responsibility for safe food upon the industry itself, with additional emphasis upon statutory regulation. Many specialists exist in the component disciplines of food safety such as microbiology, hygiene, regulatory affairs, consumer behaviour, etc. However, the multi-disciplinary nature of food safety has made the integration of these disparate areas into a co-ordinated management strategy difficult.

Students may be required to attend classes at locations across the Institute.

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