Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Languages and International Tourism (French)   DT518

  • Undergraduate
  • Level 8
  • 4 Years
  • Full-Time
  • Kevin Street
  • School of Languages, Law and Society
  • College of Arts and Tourism

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Programme Credits (ECTS):240


Module Title Code Core/Option Credits (ECTS) Semester
DT518 Year 2 (All Streams)
eTourism TFIT3008 CORE 5 Single Semester
Festival and Event Impacts TFEV4007 CORE 5 Single Semester
Fren Prof Comm & Prep Yr FREN2033 CORE 10 Full Year
Fren Trans & Ling Proficiency FREN2032 CORE 10 Full Year
Intl Human Resource Management TFMG2006 CORE 5 Single Semester
Sustainable Tourism TFTR2005 CORE 5 Single Semester
Tour & Leis Enterprise Develop TFMG3012 CORE 5 Single Semester
Tourism Law TFLW3002 CORE 5 Single Semester
EU Myth in Lit & Culture CRIT2017 OPTION 5 Single Semester
German Lang & Culture 2 GERM2018 OPTION 10 Full Year
Intercultural Studies CULT2013 OPTION 5 Single Semester
Italian Lang & Culture 2 ITAL2010 OPTION 10 Full Year
Spanish Lang & Culture 2 SPAN2019 OPTION 10 Full Year
DT518 Year 3
Language Competency INTL3006 CORE 15 Full Year
Professional Work Placement TFPL3001 CORE 30 Single Semester
Study in Partner University INTL3002 CORE 15 Full Year
DT518 Year 4
Contemporary Tourism Issues TFTR3013 CORE 5 Single Semester
French -Lang for Business LANG4036 CORE 10 Full Year
Global to Local:The Econ.Geog. TFEC4001 CORE 5 Single Semester
Language Project French LANG4040 CORE 10 Full Year
Res.Meths.for U/G Thes.&IS Rep TFRM3001 CORE 5 Single Semester
Strategic Management Seminars TFMG4003 CORE 10 Single Semester
Tourism in Developing Countrie TFTR6001 CORE 5 Single Semester
Current Affairs (Fren) LANG4027 OPTION 10 Full Year
Second Language - German LANG4016 OPTION 10 Full Year
Second Language - Italian LANG4011 OPTION 10 Full Year
Second Language - Spanish LANG4012 OPTION 10 Full Year
Translation Studies (Fren) LANG4026 OPTION 10 Full Year

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