Work-placement in Ireland  

What are the benefits for the student?

On work-placement our students gain invaluable professional experience in the Pharmaceutical, Chemical and allied industries in positions, ranging from QC to QA in multinationals to SMEs. This integrated approach allows the student to build on their practical competencies and communication skills to function and perform effectively as a team member in the work place.


What are the benefits for the employer?

  1. The employer has the opportunity to lift their profile with our student community.
  2. Work-placement students contribute to productivity allowing your fulltime staff to concentrate on core business activities.
  3. Initial investments in training and upskilling can be harvested over the 6-7 month period of the placement.
  4. The process can also assist employers in talent acquisition and workforce planning.


For further details contact Dr Ann Hopper     Tel: (+353-1) 402 4774