Erasmus+ study abroad programme: Spending a semester at TU Dublin

Study Exchange Profile:
Bachir El Atlas - University of Rennes
Dublin, Ireland

Bachir El Atlas spent a Semester at TU Dublin last Summer 


What attracted you to apply for the study abroad program at DIT (TU Dublin)

I wanted to go to Dublin because it is an English speaking European Capital. I have always heard a lot of things about the Irish culture but never got the chance to visit the country. That's another reason why I applied to DIT (TU Dublin), to have the opportunity to visit a new country.


What was the best thing about studying at DIT (TU Dublin)?

Studying at DIT (TU Dublin) has enabled me to experience a new way of learning. There are far fewer hours of required attendance than there are in France which has offered me more free time to review my courses but also to enjoy the many things Dublin has to offer.


What was it like living in Dublin and Ireland?

Even if the housing market is crowded and it was really difficult and expensive to find an accommodation living in Dublin wasn't that different from living in France.


How has the study abroad program experience at DIT (TU Dublin) changed you?

It has enabled me to meet new people. It has also enabled me to broaden my horizons. It was my first international experience apart from France and I can't wait for my next adventure abroad.

The Erasmus+ Study Abroad programme is an opportunity for students to study at another European institution for a semester or full year.

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