A few tips on time management

Your success or failure in college largely depends upon how you use your time.

Therefore, time management is the number one skill to master.

The three great robbers of time:

  1. Laziness: “I don’t feel like doing it right now”
  2. Procrastination: “Sure, I’ll do it later”
  3. Daydreaming: “Some day, I’ll amaze them”

Keep in mind the following advice: Old habits die hard. Be determined. It will carry you through rough spots. Practise new habits and persevere.

Where does all the time go?

From week to week, keep a diary of how you actually spend your time.
You may have more time than you realise.

Principles of Scheduling

  1. Study notes soon after lectures, as it aids retention.
  2. When an assignment is long and overwhelming, divide it into smaller units that you can work on immediately.
  3. Allow time for rest and recreation.
  4. Plan blocks of time - 50 minutes to study and 10 minutes for a break.
  5. Study your difficult or tedious subjects when you are at your best.
  6. Start jobs ahead of time - to avoid discovering the hard way that you cannot write a 1,500-word essay in three hours the evening before it is due.
  7. List tasks according to priorities and try at least to achieve your high priority goals each week.
  8. Use a month at a glance calendar to keep track of what assignments are due.
  9. Don’t jump from subject to subject.

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