You may wonder what happens behind counselling doors or wonder about the experiences of other students who have used the counselling Service. Detailed below are samples of feedback statements provided by students who have used the service in the past few years

What was helpful?

  • • A place to talk things over with a friendly and helpful counsellor
  • • Being able to talk about problems
  • • Released all the tension
  • • Very positive helpful experience - insightful into myself
  • • Calming and relaxing
  • • It has taken a lot off my mind
  • • Helped to get more organised
  • • Being able to talk openly and feel like I was really being listened to

How did the experience change your perception of counselling?

  • • Made me realise how normal I was - you did not need to have serious problems before you used the service
  • • Scared at first about counselling but was very happy after
  • • I felt there was a stigma attached to attending counselling but afterwards I felt people should get help when they need it and not be concerned with the views of others
  • • Most people experience stress and seeking counselling is not a bad thing

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