MA Graphic Design Practice (Full Time)

A one year full-time masters degree programme covering the area of professional graphic design practice. The aim of this course is to equip design graduates with the necessary skills and competencies needed to work effectively as design professionals. The course is designed to augment strong creative and visual skills obtained at undergraduate level with the skills, competencies and expertise required to work successfully in the design industry.

This MA in Graphic Design Practice combines contemporary education practices, meaningful industry links and excellent facilities to deliver this unique programme. It combines research, practical studio work and the development of relevant technology and entrepreneurial skills.

Input from leading design industry professionals is central to the delivery of the programme. This ensures that participants will understand the context of creativity and design within professional design practice. Each practical studio project will be governed by an industry expert in a relevant field. Apart from creative importance, design projects will emphasise the development of team working, project management and communication skills. Skills that are essential in order to lead in today’s competitive and demanding design industry.

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  • Postgraduate Taught Level 9
  • Duration 1 Year

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