Exercises of an Audionaut

Exercises of an Audionaut by Adam Gibney

Opening 6:00pm Thursday 27 March 2014
@ Broadcast Gallery DIT Portland Row
Exercises of an Audionaut is the continuation of a body of work that investigates the relationship between technology, language and the viewer. The objectification of language in this work has manifested itself into the analysis of Mantras. Mantric utterances provide an avenue of investigation in which language has become a cognitive tool to emancipate the speaker from societal problems and distractions. These ‘Transcendental Phonemes’ present themselves not only as objects but also as tools, blurring the boundary between function and meaning in language. By abandoning the assumption that communication is the only function of language, Exercises of an Audionaut aims to question the invisible forces at play in the creation and manipulation of societies. 
Adam Gibney is a Dublin based artist who graduated from IADT in 2010. Adam was the recipient of the IMOCA Graduate Residency award, the Aileen MacKeogh Award and the Siamsa Tire Emerging Artist. Adam’s solo exhibitions include “Limbo-Excavated” and “RE:definition”, he recently created work for the two-person exhibition “The Reverberatory” in Queen Street Studios, Belfast. Adam works with a range of media which include sculpture, projection, sound, video and electronics. His work has also been featured in group shows in Berlin, Marseilles, London, Athens and Los Angeles, as well as others.     

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