David Meaney

Marty Robbins Boxset

The value of music is a steadfast inspiration on my work. Celebrating Marty Robbins’ seminal album, Gunfighter Ballads and Trail Songs, this boxset reinterprets its original form of an LP into a set of 12 individual 7” singles, packaged in a bespoke wooden box. The covers of each single are printed using carved linoleum blocks and correspond to each song’s content or title, creating a handmade aesthetic. The lid of the box has been laser etched using hand-rendered lettering, chosen to emulate its origins in country-western music.  Other keepsakes included in the boxset are; a 3D printed 45 centre bullet, a set of 4 etched wooden coasters, a handmade bandana, and an official ‘Marty’ sheriff’s badge.