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Visiting Research Fellows:


  • Dr. Angelito Calma, University of Melbourne. 

    Angelito is Lecturer in Higher Education at the University of Melbourne within the Faculty of Business and Economics Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching. Angelito is currently visiting the UK and Ireland to learn more about approaches to Quality Assurance and Quality Enhancement. Angelito's research borders both education and business and he currently manages Assurance of Learning in the Faculty of Business and Economics. His recent publications include topics surrounding use of technologies in large classes, leadership in higher education, postgraduate supervision, academic staff development, network analysis, and generic skills. 
  • Dr. Domenico Carbone, University of Eastern Piedmont. 

    Research Area: Social inequalities and the comparative analysis of welfare systems, specifically gender and intergenerational divides in education systems and labour market. 
  • Dr. Pamela Eddy, The College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, Virginia. United States.

    Research Area: Research partnerships between third level institutions in Ireland. 


Past Doctoral Candidates:

Dr. Amanda Moynihan

Research Focus:  Sectoral Essentialism: The Influence of Institutional Type on Academic Work-Life.



Current Doctoral Candidates:

Siobhan Harkin

Research Focus:  Institutional/partner motivation and the impact of policy and environment on decisions to form HE strategic alliances and mergers.