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What we do

At the CSER we offer our commissioners a wide range of services and can support them throughout their project.



Our research methods include: base-line studies, benchmarking, qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods research, collaborative international studies and international comparative reviews, and consultations with national and international stakeholders.

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Developing solutions

We help our clients to identify the best policy options through feasibility and impact studies. We can provide evidence based policy advice and a range of services such as strategy development and action planning to help our clients develop solutions

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Monitoring and evaluating

We develop monitoring and evaluation methodologies in order to help our clients understand what has worked well (or not so well), and why. We are able to provide an independent viewpoint, where it is needed, of both the performance and impact of interventions, whether this be in relation to a project/projects, a programme or at policy level.

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Communicating / Dissemination

We have a number of ways in which we can assist in communicating the results and learning points from research we have undertaken. These include the generation of peer reviewed papers for dissemination through academic journals and seminar and conference presentations.

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Driving Policy Change

The conduction of our evidence informed policy research leads to the identification, design and development of recommendations on current or emerging policy issues.

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