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Completed Research Projects (1997-2017)


Webwise 2017 Parenting Survey

"An examination of concepts of school readiness among parents and educators in Ireland (2017)"

Internet Safety Helplines: Exploratory study first findings (2016)

Council of Europe, Policy guidance on empowering, protecting and supporting children in the digital environment (2016)

INSAFE Helplines: Operations, effectiveness and emerging issues for internet safety helplines. (2016)

Evaluation of the Community Safety Initiative ? Assignment of RAPID Co-ordinators (2013-2015)

societies ISSN 2075-4698 (2015)

NCGM: Full Findings from Ireland (2015)

Net Children Go Mobile (2013-15)

Internet Content Governance Advisory Group (Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources) (2014)

Net Children Go Mobile Ireland: Initial Findings report (2014)

EU Kids Online, Phase 2 and 3 (2011-14)

Bullying in a new ground: cyberbullying among 9-16 year olds in Ireland (2013)

Early Years Programme Evaluation Report (2013)

Take Charge of Change: Being Young and Irish (2012)

Speech and Language Therapy Service Evaluation Policy Brief (2012)

Social Networking among Irish 9-16 years old (2012)

Digital Literacy, Digital Opportunities (2012)

Irish kids online: Comparing youth and parent perspective (2012)

"Take Charge of Change: Being young and Irish (2012)"

CommunityChildCareArticle (2011)

"An overview of new psychoative substances and the outlets supplying them (2011)"

Childrens Rights (2009)

Rankings and the Battle for World-Class Excellence (2009)

Getting it Right for Children (2008)

Young People on Remand (2008)

Media Literacy and the Public Sphere: a contextual study for public media literacy promotion in Ireland (2008)

"Our Opinions Matter": Parents and Children in the Canal Communities (2008)

Journalism and Children's Rights: Developing a Childs Rights Syllabus for Students of Journalism, Media or Communications Studies and for Online Self-Training (2008)

Child Rights and Journalism Practice ? A Rights-Based Perspective (UNICEF CEE/CIS, 2007)

Critical Media Literacy in Ireland (Radharc Media Trust, 2007)

Young People and Crime: Research Policy and Practice - Conference Proceedings (2007)

'A Decade of Reflection': Early Childhood Care and Education in Ireland 1996-2006 (2007)

Play and technology for children aged 4-12 (2007)

Literature Review on the Support Needs of Parents of Children with Behavioural Problems (2007)

In a changing Ireland has social care practice left religious and spiritual values behind? (2007)

The Support Needs of Parents of Children with Behavioural Problems (2007)

Ballymun Needs Analysis Study (2007)

GO (Grangegorman Online) Evaluation (2007)

Ballymun Needs Analysis Summary Report (2006)

Our Views, Anybody Listening? (2006)

Interim Evaluation of the Linkage Programme (2006)

International Self-Report Delinquency Study (2006)

In Search of Quality: Multiple Perspectives (2006)

Early Assessment and Intervention in Educational Disadvantage (2006)

Play and Technology (National Children?s Office, 2005)

An Accessible Childcare Model (2005)

A Study of the Number, Profile, and Progression Routes of Homeless Persons Before the Court and in Custody (2005)

Early Assessment and Intervention in Educational Disadvantage (2005)

An Accessible Childcare Model - a cost/benefit analysis of the subsidisation of childcare in Ireland (2005)

Play & Technology Project (2005)

Young People's Experiences of Crime Project (2005)

A Study Of The Number, Profile And Progression Routes Of Homeless Persons Before The Court And In Custody (2005)

Making Connections, A Review of International Policies, Practices and Research Relating to Quality in ECCE (2004)

International Review of Quality in Early Childhood Education (2004)

A place to call our own (2003)

Garda Youth Diversion Project Guidelines (2003)

Final Evaluation Report Childminding Ireland 2001-2003

2003 Garda Youth Diversion Project Guidelines: Dept of Justice and Law Reform

2003 Evaluation of the Tallaght Young Parents Services Barnados

Crime Prevention Directory (2002)

Parents, Children and Prison. Effects of Parental Imprisonment on Children (2002)

Final Evaluation Report of the Teen Parents Support Initiative (2002)

2002 Final Evaluation Report of the Teen Parents Support Initiative Department of Health & Children

2002 Crime Prevention Directory Department of Justice, Equality and Law Reform, DIT

2002 Evaluation of Childcare Network Loch Garman Childcare Network, Loch Garman

2002 Parents, Children and Prison: Effects of Parental Imprisonment on Childcare Combat Poverty Agency

2002 Fingal County Childcare Plan 2002-2005 Fingal County Childcare Committee

2002 Final Evaluation Report of the Teen Parents Support Initiative Department of Health & Children

Unaccompanied Minors: An Information Booklet (2001)

2001 Seven Years Old: School Experience in Ireland : National Report fo the IEA Preprimary Project Dublin: DIT

2001 Feasibility Study on measuring the Impact of the Lifestart programme in the Offaly-Kildare Region Lifestart Offaly

2001 Supporting Parents: A study of Parents Supports Needs Dublin: Department of Social Community & Family Affairs

2001 Unaccompanied minors: An Information Booklet Barnardos

2001 Supporting Parents. A study of Parents Supports Needs Department of Social, Community & Family Affairs, Families Research Unit

2001 Study of Participants in Garda Speical Projects. Dublin: Department of Justice, Equality & Law Reform

2000 ‘The Grove’ Through Care Unit, Finglas Child and Adolescent Unit

1999 A Small Impact Study of Outcomes of Assessment of Young Offenders, DIT, The National Assessment and Remand Centre

1999 Safe Caring in Residential Childcare: The Irish Report of the European Study

1999 Public Policy on Children’s Play in Ireland: An Examination of Central and Local Government Policies on Children’s Play in Ireland, DIT, Trinity College Dublin

1999 Enhancing Quality in the Early Years, Report of Proceedings of a Conference, 19th and 29th November 1999, Clontarf Castle, Dublin

1999 What Happens After School?: A Study of After School Care, Dublin, DIT

1999 It Makes You Think: A Review of Safe Caring Policies in Four European Countries, EUROARRCC (European Association for Research into Residential Childcare)

1998 Childcare Facilities in Crumlin and Drimnagh: A report to the KWCD Partnership, KWCD Partnership

1998 Care to Listen – A Review of Residential Child Care in Four European Countries, EUROARRCC (European Association for Research into Residential Childcare)

1998 Childcare Facilities in the Wexford Partnership Area ‘Final Report and Feasibility Study to the Partnership’s Childcare Working Group’, Wexford Area Partnership

1998 Family Day Care in Ireland: An Overview, Report prepared for the Expert Working Group on Childcare, Dublin

1998 Learn to Listen – The Irish Report of a European Study on Residential Child Care

1997 A window on Early Education in Ireland: The first National Reprot of the IEA Preprimary Project Dublin DIT

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