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Keep Your Details up to Date

It is extremely important that we have accurate personal details for each student on our Administration System.

You are responsible for ensuring your personal details are upto date at all times on our Administration System.  Most importantly you should ensure the following information is correct.  Click here to access the system 

Keep Your Details up to Date

Manage Your Personal Details

Please ensure that your name is correct on our system as this is the name that will appear on your Parchment when you Graduate.  If  you need to update your name please click here  , alternatively you can contact your local student service centre for help updating your profile. 

Please ensure your address is correct.  Transcript of results are issued by post, this is important documentation and we need to ensure it reaches you.  If you are an Erasmus/International Student don't forget to update your address in full before you leave so we can send on your transcripts to your home address 

From time to time we may need to text you to pass on an urgent message.  We also use the text feature to correspond with you about your Graduation Ceremony.  Please ensure that your mobile phone number is correct and is outlined in the format below on your record. 


 ‌phone number image