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ICT Account Services acts as the liaison between various aspects of the ICT department and DIT.

Who can use this service

When you register on a DIT programme a number of accounts are automatically created for you. In most cases:

Your DIT email address is in the following format []

Your username is your DIT student number

Your password is your 8 digit date of birth (ddmmyyyy)


Lost or forgotten passwords can be changed using the Password Manager. If you have difficulty logging in, please contact the Service Desk.

When you join DIT you are assigned a staff number by the HR Department. Once your staff number is active, this triggers the creation of your Email account. If you have difficulty logging into your DIT email account, please contact the Service Desk.

All DIT staff members require access to the Active Directory (ICT Domain). This unique username and password allows you to access general desktop services, file and printer sharing, wireless internet, 24/7 Password Management, and access to many other Institute Applications, such as WebCourses. There are also a number of Federated Access Services which are offered by HeaNET available with your ICTDOMAIN account.

Your role within DIT may require you to use additional Business Applications for you to discharge your duties. These accounts may require that you complete an Application Form. Accounts will be created upon request.

Commonly Used Forms

  • Applying for Active Directory Account
  • CMIS Account
  • Agresso Account
  • Core Live Account
  • Webcourses Account
  • Business Intelligence Account

A completely list of forms is available from the Service Desk.

The ICTDOMAIN is a Microsoft Active Directory Domain managed by ICT Services. 

Active Directory is a centralized and standardized system that automates management of user data, security, and distributed resources, and enables interoperation with other directories. Active Directory is designed especially for distributed networking environments.

The ICTDOMAIN is available in all DIT Library Facilities and most labs and staff areas around DIT.

Having an ICTDOMAIN account will gain you access to general desktop services, file and printer sharing, wireless internet, 24/7 Password Management, Web Email access and access to many other Institute Applications such as WebCourses.

There are also a number of Federated Access Services which are offered by HeaNET available with your ICTDOMAIN account.  Currently these services include

Filesender -

Eduroam -

You are responsible for:

·         All use of your ICTDOMAIN account, sharing of accounts is strictly prohibited

·         Keeping your password secret.

·         Changing your password every 90 days. 

·         Using "good", complex passwords

Your password is a safety measure employed against unwelcome intrusion into your personal information.  The more complex, secret and often changed your password is, the more you reduce your risk of someone guessing your password, and thereby gaining access to your personal information.

·         You are, at all times, bound by DIT’s acceptable usage and ICT Security Policies:

Staff regulations governing the use of computer resources

Student regulations governing the use of computer resources

ICT security policy

As a staff member, you should fill out the relevant form and have it signed by your line manager.  This should then be sent to the ICT Services Support Desk at:

Information Services Support Desk
Room G-006
DIT Aungier St

Or alternatively scan the signed application form and email it to

The Active Directory Services Team (ADST) was set up in 2006 to manage the ever growing ICTDOMAIN Active Directory.  Since the team's inception many services such as Microsoft's System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM 2007), Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM), Microsoft Sharepoint Services as well as Quest Software's Intrust, Password Manager, Spotlight and Recovery Manager have been added to the growing portfolio of Active Directory Services.

Account Closure

When you have finished your studies with DIT, we would like to advise you that the on-line services which you have been provided with for the duration of your studies will be disabled from June 1st 2017. These services include:

  • DIT email and online storage (
  • Wireless access (Eduroam and DIT wifi)
  • DIT Webcourses (
  • Access to student PC labs in DIT campuses


If you have any data that you wish to retain, you should transfer it from your DIT account by May 31st 2017. You might also want to advise your contacts of an alternative email address, and save details of your contacts. For large volumes of email or data, you can use Google Takeout to create an archive of your data. To use Google Takeout, follow the steps below:

  • Sign in to your DIT email account at
  • Click on the Google Apps icon in the top-right corner (3x3 array of black squares)
  • Select "My Account"
  • Under the "Personal info & privacy" heading, select "Control your content"
  • Select "Create archive" and select what data you want to export
  • Select "Next" and decide on the format and delivery options for your data and select "Create archive"

Please note ICT Services are not in a position to provide support for Takeout, but Google have published a useful help page.


While your studies in DIT have finished for now, you can still keep in contact with DIT through our Graduate Network. This service for alumni has over 13,000 members on LinkedIn, and provides valuable information for DIT graduates around the world.

Please note that ICT Services relies on information from the DIT Student Administration System to determine whose eligibility for service has ended.

In the event that your studies are still continuing, then please contact your School in DIT as soon as possible.

Your school may then confirm your details with the DIT Registration Service, or advise what you should do.

Once your status as a current student has been recorded on the Student Administration System before June 1st 2017, then your account will not be disabled. 

Your local Registration Service office will be able to confirm if you are registered as a current student.

Unfortunately, ICT Services is not in a position to grant temporary extensions for accounts due to close.