Engineers are problem solvers

Engineering equips you to be a highly skilled problem solver. As an engineer you could work on renewable energy solutions, race car designs, help improve lives through new medical devices or save lives with earthquake proof buildings. From the biggest civil engineering projects to the tiniest electronic antennea, engineering covers it all!

If you are:
— creative
— like collaborating with others
— are curious and persistent
— want to make a difference
— like solving problems or improving processes
then you are a potential engineer!

Honours Maths not necessary

Remember you don't need Honours Maths to be an
. Apply for one of DIT's 3 year Ordinary Degrees
(Bachelor of Engineering Technology or BEngTech) and find
yourself on track for an exciting career. On completion of
your Ordinary Degree you can apply for admisson into
the Honours Degree programme subject to grades.
Maths in college is very different to maths in school and
there is lots of help to guide you along! We also offer a
2nd chance Maths exam in August of each year for pupils
who think they may not get the honour in the Leaving
Certificate. To register your interest and for more details
email or