DIT Apprentice invention may end bumpy flights

stephengeary.png Stephen Geary is a Phase 6 apprentice, currently studying Aircraft Mechanics in the Department of Transport Engineering in DIT. Stephen works with Air Atlanta Aero Engineering, an international aircraft maintenance  company based in Shannon. He is the winner of the Best Undergrad title in the Hothouse Inventors Competition for his project which aims to reduce turbulence in flying.

Stephen has designed an apparatus to predict and detect the differences in air pressure around an aircraft’s wing, allowing a self-stabilising technology to prevent the unnerving friction and turbulence which commonly occurs on passenger flights. He got the idea from observing technology used on other parts of a plane’s maintenance.

‘‘There are already sensors on a plane to detect changes in pressure, but this system should prove more accurate,” he said. ‘‘It can also reduce the risk of a plane stalling, another situation that is sometimes brought on by a change in pressure.” Already, there is potential interest in the device from aircraft giants Airbus and Boeing, with a patent for the invention now pending. From The Sunday Business Post.

Interesting FACT: Approximately 20% of the CEO's of the top US companies have engineering degrees – the most common degree – followed by business administration, liberal arts, economics, and accounting.
Source: Wall Street Journal's Weekend Edition, September 16-17, 2006