Gillian Forde

Gillian's advice is that college is great fun and it's easy to find work afterwards. Gillian Forde graduated from Bolton St. with a BEng (Honours) Structural Engineering. Gillian always had an interest in structures and having considered studying architecture and engineering she went with engineering in DIT and hasn’t looked back. On graduation Gillian found it easy to find work and there were many options available to her. She took a position in a large engineering consultancy and since then has worked on a variety of projects from office complexes to schools. Her job involves mainly the design of the various members that make up these buildings and ensuring the stability of the buildings. Her work involves attending meetings and sites regularly and working with professionals on a daily basis. The consultancy actively promotes training and learning to help develop her career. With good prospects for her future both here and abroad Gillian has no regrets about her career choice or DIT and would love to do the college thing again.