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Automation Engineer

Automation Engineering involves the design, development and implementation of sensor and robotic systems for applications across a wide range of technological sectors. Modern engineering systems employ a broad spectrum of technologies, which when integrated provide for improved efficiency, quality and reliability. The combination of Mechanical, Electrical and Electronic Engineering with Computer Technology, namely, Mechatronics, is core to this endeavour. This integrated approach is becoming increasingly important in modern technological environments. This programme is delivered from a multi-disiplinary perspective, thus equipping graduates for a diverse range of modern technological roles This flexibility opens up increased opportunites for graduate employment in a wide range of sectors irrespective of the service being provided or product being produced.

Ordinary Degree in Manutronics Automation DT003  - 3 Years B Eng Tech.
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Building Services Engineer

Building services engineers and technologists design and install equipment and services that maintain a safe and comfortable environment in buildings. The work of the building services professional is crucial to the quality of life on our planet. They design the mechanical and electrical energy systems that make buildings function. Up to half the greenhouse gas emissions are building related so building services engineers have global and local environmental responsibilities. In commercial and industrial buildings typically 30-40% of the total construction costs are associated with the provision of services such as lighting, heating, air conditioning, power, data communications, public health systems and lifts. Job prospects for graduates in this field of engineering have never been better. Work duties include visiting sites, meeting clients and working with other professional engineers, architects and surveyors.

Honours Degree Building Services Engineering DT026 4 Yrs BE

Ordinary Degree Building Services Engineering DT005 3Yrs BEngTech

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Civil Engineer

One of the largest branches of engineering, civil engineering is a field that deals with construction and design. Civil engineers create cities. They design, plan and build roads, airports, bridges, dams, harbours and highways. As a professional, a civil engineer will be a manager, often of a combination of vast resources including budgets, manpower and materials.

Ordinary Degree in Civil Engineering DT004 3 Years B Eng Tech

Honours Degree in Civil Engineering DT027 4 Yrs BE

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Computer and Communications Engineering

Computer engineers are often found in the vital research, development and design departments of computer and software companies and related telecommunications companies. So they are ideally placed to lead the development of many of the innovations needed for the evolution of the Internet and mobile communications industries. Computer engineers are also key personnel in the efficient operation of health, entertainment, retail, financial and aviation organisations. The possibilities and opportunities are vast.

Honours Degree in Computer and Communications Engineering DT081 4 Years BE

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Control Engineer

Control Engineering is the branch of electrical engineering concerned with controlling the behaviour of engineered and natural systems, whether it is a positioning system on a satellite orbiting the earth, a robotic paint spraying system or a driverless electric train. Control engineers design the control systems that ensure that system tasks are completed safely and reliably. Technicians and technologists support the engineers in the design process. They also build, repair and maintain plant and equipment.

Honours Degree in Electrical / Electronic Engineering DT021 4 Years BE

Ordinary Degree in Electrical and Control Engineering DT009 3 Years B Eng Tech

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Electrical (Power) Engineer

Electrical engineering is a very broad discipline that employs the largest number of engineers. It deals with electrical devices, systems and the use of electricity. Electrical and systems are all around us: a wind turbine that generates electricity from the wind, Despite the recent downturn, a 2002 IEI survey indicated that there would be a real shortage of electrical design engineers in Ireland for the foreseeable future. Electrical engineers design power systems and machines that generate and use electricity and provide motive power.

Honours Degree in Electrical / Electronic Engineering DT021, 4 Years BE

Ordinary Degree in Electrical and Control Engineering DT009 3 Years B Eng Tech

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Electrical Services Engineering

Electrical Services Engineering covers a wide spectrum of activities in the electrical industry. Graduates often work for utility providers, consulting engineering practices, electrical contractors, manufacturing plants and increasingly as entrepreneurs starting their own businesses. Energy management and the application of low and zero carbon technologies are becoming an increasingly popular feature of our programmes. Research is another growth area and is undertaken into renewable energy and micro-generation, energy management, lighting technology and many other areas.

Ordinary Degree in Electrical Services Engineering DT010 3 Years B Eng Tech

DT712 - Electrical Services & Energy Management

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Electronic and Communications Engineering

Electronic engineers and technicians undertake the design, implementation and manufacture of a wide variety of sophisticated electronic and communications technologies, for example: mobile telephone systems and biomedical electronics. The demand for electronic engineers and technician graduates is very high and the jobs are amongst the highest paid in the engineering sector. A qualification in electronic engineering is a passport to many careers, ranging from the telecommunications industry to the TV and film industries.

Honours Degree in Electrical / Electronic Engineering DT021 4 Years BE

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Honours Degree in Computer and Communications Engineering DT081 4 Years BE

Ordinary Degree in Electronic and Communications Eng. DT008 3 Years B Eng Tech

Ordinary Degree in Networking Technologies DT080

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Engineering Systems Maintenance

Industrial maintenance personnel are responsible for the maintenance, repair, operation and management of complex, high-tech machinery and equipment across the whole spectrum of industries and services. Work includes preparing, implementing and monitoring planned and preventative maintenance programmes. These activities are a key component of an industry’s competitiveness as well as ensuring efficiency, safety and reliability of production and service delivery of utilities.

Career prospects for graduates in this specialised field are excellent. The manufacturing industry in Ireland has expanded by 18 per cent over the last decade and is still growing. The pharmaceutical and chemical industry has grown by 20 per cent in recent years, and there is a lack of skilled graduates in both areas.

Ordinary Degree in Engineering Systems Maintenance DT002 3 Years B Eng Tech

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Manufacturing and Design Engineering

Manufacturing engineering is the type of engineering which organises ways of transforming materials and devices into products. Manufacturing engineers and technicians manage resources and use technology to produce quality goods and services for the benefit of society. Almost everything that affects our daily life is manufactured – from machinery design, food processing, pharmaceuticals, computers and electronics, toys and textiles, chemical products to health and medicine products and automotive and aircraft manufacturing.

Most of today’s manufacturing engineers and technicians work in high-tech, computerised environments filled with exciting and challenging opportunities. Graduates could be responsible for equipment design, factory layout, parts design, tool design, cost estimating, quality control and robotics.

DT023 Honours Degree in Design and Manufacturing Engineering 4 Years BE

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Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical engineers are concerned with the design, development, installation and the operation and maintenance of just about everything that has movable parts ranging from microscopic medical devices in the human body to huge machines. They can be found in almost every industrial sector, ranging from the appliance and automotive industries to the aeronautical and defense industries. They are also involved in all areas of energy, heat and power from generation of electricity from renewable sources such as wind and sun to designing and managing massive power stations. If it moves, mechanical engineers will have contributed to its design and development.

Mechanical engineers and technicians are employed in every industry and in a wide range of posts covering design, manufacturing, administrative and management functions. There is also a steady demand for mechanical engineers in industry, commerce and local and central government across a whole spectrum of activities, from highly specialised posts to senior management positions.

Honours Degree in Mechanical Engineering DT022 4 Years BE

Ord Degree in Mechanical Engineering DT006 3 Years B Eng Tech

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Product Designer

A product designer has the knowledge and expertise to produce creative designs from initial concepts to a fully functional and manufacturable product. Designers play a vital role in the development cycle of both industrial and domestic design. They integrate the creative process with the ability to design for manufacture. Their goal is to meet and continuously adjust design concepts to take account of engineering and manufacturing requirements. Their creative ability supports their company’s continued success while their technological ability helps to produce designs, which can be brought to the market place as viable products. They incorporate considerations such as economics, engineering, cultural, aesthetics, ergonomics and the environment into their designs.

Honours Degree in Product Design DT001 4 Years BSc

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Structural Engineer

Structural Engineers are responsible for the design of all types of structures from bridges to buildings. They must ensure that that the structure is stable and strong enough to support all of the loads that may be applied to it in the course of its life. The structural engineer has to use a wide variety of skills in developing a structural engineering solution. These skills vary from mathematical skills at the design stage to practical skills when the structure is being constructed.

Honours Degree in Structural Engineering DT024 4 Years BE

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Transport Technologist

Transport technologists, managers and technicians plan, organise and manage the efficient and safe movement of people and goods through the use and maintenance of all modes of transport. They work with transport companies where they organise, purchase, maintain and schedule transport and the storage and distribution of goods. There is a wide range of career opportunities available to graduates, as maintenance managers and controllers, vehicle distributors and as ground operations managers with airport ground control companies, to name but a few. Graduates are usually employed in a technical/managerial capacity in one or other of the road, rail, sea and air transport sectors. There are also excellent opportunities in this challenging industry to move to higher positions relatively quickly.

Honours Degree in Transport Operations & Technology DT028 4 Years BSc

Ordinary Degree in Automotive Management and Technology DT007 3 Years B Eng Tech

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Common First Year DT025 is the first year of five of the Honour Degree Programmes, allowing you to choose your option at the end of first year, subject to grades.

There are a multitude of ways to enter Engineering

Preliminary Engineering is designed to prepare suitable students who lack honours Maths or engineering related subjects for entry to one of the DIT Bachelor of Engineering honours degree programmes. Use the DIT Ladder System. Take an Ordinary Degree option (all listed above) from which, subject to attaining requisite grades, students can move to an Honours Degree. Find out more about Ordinary and Honours Degree Programmes.Useful subjects for studying engineering are Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, Applied Maths, English.

Postgraduate Research at DIT

Many students continue to study at postgraduate level in engineering at DIT. Read about some of the research projects being undertaken which were recently featured in the press: