What is Engineering?

Engineers are professional problem solvers. You will find engineers behind most of today's exciting technology from wave power to high speed trains and facial recognition technology. Engineers build and design things, improving the way we live and the world about us. Engineers can travel around the world bringing their experience to international projects. In a nutshell Engineering is a creative, international qualification with financial and social benefits, which is in demand worldwide.

Engineering is all around you

Look around you and see all the things that have been engineered. Bridges, buildings, computers, electrical appliances, power plants, and transportation systems we all rely on in our daily lives. From the biggest dams and tunnels to the smallest mobile phones, engineering offers a world of possibilities.Engineers face major challenges in this new century, some are basic human rights such as providing access to clean water for all, others are pushing the boundaries of imagination and science. The National Academy of Engineering in the USA has come up with the 14 Grand Challenges for Engineering in the 21st century.

Read on and see if any grab you! Just think, you could be working on one of these challenges...more