The Grant you receive for your erasmus study or traineeship visit is to help with your costs, but it will not cover all your costs.

The EU allow you to spend it as you see fit, except for one stipulation - you must have adequate Insurance to cover your stay.

The minimum insurance requirements include:

Mobility Type Study Traineeship Note
Personal Accident   Yes Yes  Provided by DIT to all full-time registered students (Further details available here)
Health - Foreign medical expenses and repatriation costs  Yes Yes  201718 students will need to purchase the DIT insurance regardless of other insurance held
Personal Liability  No Yes  Provided under compulsory travel insurance arranged by DIT

Further details will  be posted here once confirmed by the EU and DIT.

European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)

All outgoing participants must provide a copy/scan of their valid European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) showing it is valid for the duration of their stay.

Confirmation of Application or Temporary Replacement for EHIC certificates cannot be accepted as proof of EHIC.

DIT Erasmus+ Travel Insurance Policies - Mandatory for all Outgoing Students

Below is a excerpt from Article 5 of the "Grant agreement for Erasmus+ Higher Education" or Grant Contract. This is the agreement between DIT and each participant in relation to the programme.

"5.1 The participant shall have adequate insurance coverage. The higher education institution (HEI) shall ensure that students are clearly informed about issues related to insurances; it shall in every case highlight what is mandatory or recommended. For mandatory insurances, the responsible who takes the insurance must be stated.
 .... Acknowledgement that health insurance coverage has been organised shall be included in this agreement."

As it is the responsibility of the DIT to verify to the EU that all partcipants are covered for all of the above, the office engaged with Marsh Ireland Insurances, AIG and CHUBB to develop the Erasmus travel insurance policies for Outgoing Students. These two policies cover for numerous eventualities which could arise under the programme based on previous experiences of other participants made known to this office, but it is the decision of the participant as to which policy will be utilised for their own mobility. 

  • One of these tailor made policies must be confirmed for every outgoing participant supplementary of other insurance cover held.
  • Participants undertaking a mobility from 2/3 months and up to 6months only, will be automatically assigned to the 6 month Policy.
  • Participants undertaking a mobility from over 6 months and up to 12 months only, regardless of actual duration will need to purchase the 12 month Policy.


Provider Type Details 6 Month Policy Cost 12 Month Policy Cost DIT % Contribution
AIG Basic Travel AIG Insurance cover - Reference Sheet 99EUR 170EUR 10%*
CHUBB Expanded Travel  Chubb Insurance - Cover Reference Sheet 130EUR 239EUR 10%*

* Subject to review and may change for academic year 17/18

Cover Period

  • From : date participant leaves Republic of Ireland to commence their erasmus mobility period
  • Until : date participant returns to Republic of Ireland on completion of their Erasmus mobility period

Please note: noted : neither of these policies will be invalidated by return trips home to Republic of Ireland but does not apply to any losses /incidents within the Republic of Ireland.

Further Policy Information:

Provider Full Policy Help line details
AIG AIG - Full Policy
  • Emergency Medical Assistance: +44 (0) 1273 723 146
  • Returning home following natural catastrophe: +44 (0) 1273 723 146
CHUBB  Chubb insurance policy
  • Tel: 1800 200 035 (within Ireland) or +353 (0)1 440 1765 (outside Ireland) 
  • e-mail:

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