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How to find your exam timetable

Timetables on this site are laid out in a hierarchy structure by College/School and finally site. In order to navigate the site it is important that you know which College and School your programme is accredited to.

In the first instance if you know your programme code (detailed on your student id card), we can help you locate the rest by using the links below, if you don't know your programme code you search this below too.

How to find your programme code:
Search your programme code here if you know what student type you are but have no further information:
Full-time Undergraduate Programmes
Part-time Undergraduate Programmes 
Post-graduate, Part-time/Full-time


Search your programme code by College if you know the College you are in but not the school:
College of Arts & Tourism 
College of Engineering & Built Environment 
College of Sciences & Health
College of Business 
Search your programme code by School if you don't know which College you are in:
Dublin School of Creative Arts 
Spatial Planning & Transport Engineering
Culinary Arts and Food Technology
Accounting & Finance 
Hospitality Management and Tourism
Graduate Business School 
School of Languages, Law and Social Sciences 
Music & Drama 
Retail & Services Management 
Biological Sciences
Civil Engineering
School of Chemical & Pharmaceutical Science
Electrical & Electronic Engineering 
School of Computing 
Mechanical & Design Engineering 
Food Science & Environmental Health 
Multidisciplinary Technologies 
School of Mathematical Science
Surveying & Construction Management 
School of Physics