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How to Repeat

If you have been unsuccessful in your Semester 1 or Semester 2 exams, you will have the opportunity to repeat in the Supplemental Exams which will take place between 19th August to the 30th of August 2019 .  
A full timetable of repeat exam dates will be posted to the web in late July here . 

You will receive a Supplemental Exam Form in the post along with your Academic Transcript, please complete this form and submit it along with the fee to your local exams office.

The form is also available to print at this link (Supplemental Exam Entry Form 2018/2019).

The fee for Supplemental Exams is EUR100 (this is a once off payment regardless of how many exams you are repeating), you can make this payment by Debit/Credit Card, Bank Draft, Postal Order or Cash Payment. 

If following the supplemental examinations you have not completed the modules required to progress to the next year of your programme (and you have not been given permission to carry the module on your official transcripts of results), you will need to decide whether to repeat the outstanding modules Internally or Externally.

Information on internal/external repeats is available at the links below. 

If you wish to have your exam re-checked/remarked or you wish to appeal you can find further information here.

Internal Repeat

Internal Repeat students are those who have failed certain components of their previous year’s study and are required to return to TU Dublin to attend classes and repeat those components. Components can include examinations, continuous assessments, assignments or laboratory work. In some instances, students do not have the option to repeat externally as attendance in class is mandatory.  As an internal repeat student, you need to register and pay fees following which you can avail of TU Dublin services, retain your student ID card and attend classes.

TU Dublin’s procedure for applying to register as an Internal Repeat:

  • Click here to get an indication of the internal repeat fee you will have to pay
  • Students must contact their Head of School/ Assistant Head of School/ Programme Tutor to confirm they are permitted to repeat internally and get the application form signed by either of them
  • Complete the Internal Repeat Form‌ in full, and attach a copy of your examination results 
  • Submit the completed form to any TU Dublin Student Service Centre or scan and email directly to
  • Register and pay online 
    (For second and subsequent year students, an Invitation to Register will be sent to your TU Dublin email account. Students repeating first year will receive their Invitation to Register by post. This document will contain the information you will need to register and pay fees online).

To complete the online registration process you will need:

  • Your Invitation to Register email (Contains your Student ID and your PIN)
  • Personal Public Service Number-PPSN (Required by TU Dublin’s funding authority i.e. HEA)
  • Credit/Debit card (some debit/laser cards may have a limit of €1,500 per transaction – if your fees exceed this amount check the limit with your bank before you register)
  • Online Web Registration User Guide is available for students to view should you need any guidance through the process

As part of this online process you will be asked to:

  • Review/Update your personal information  
  • Register on your chosen programme
  • Pay your fees online

External Repeat

External repeat students have been granted permission to repeat failed components from their previous year’s study without attending classes. External repeats are not required to attend classes/laboratories but are eligible to sit examinations/submit assessments in the module they are repeating at the next available sitting. As an external repeat student, you are not entitled to a student ID card and may not avail of TU Dublin services.

TU Dublin's procedure for applying to register as an external repeat:

  • Please refer to the 'Fees' section of this website to confirm the current fee to repeat externally
  • Students who have failed modules during the previous academic year must complete an External Repeat Form in full.
  • Students are required to complete this form and submit it to any Student Service Centre or scan and email directly to
  • External repeat forms should be submitted no later than 31st October annually (with a copy of examination results), to enable examinations to assign spaces in exam halls for repeat candidates. This deadline applies to all components whether it is a year-long, Semester I or Semester II module.  After this date, a late registration fee is applicable. 

Replacement Student ID Card

TU Dublin issues a ‘lifelong’ student identity card to its registered students on request. As repeat students take longer to complete their programme their card will expire at least one year before a repeat student has completed their programme. Therefore, repeat students must request a new identity card from Student Services after they complete their repeat year i.e. when they successfully pass their repeat module(s) and continue to the next year of their programme.

External repeat students are not entitled to a TU Dublin student card or access to other TU Dublin services while they are an External Repeat.