Jasco J-810 Spectropolarimeter

Jasco_J810 Overview:

Spectropolarimetery is the science of measuring the polarization of light from celestial objects at narrower bandwidths than is possible with a conventional polarimeter. The principles are the same as with a conventional polarimeter, but the wavelengths measured are isolated with a spectrograph rather than with filters. Spectropolarimetry is used to measure the magnetic fields of stars from the Zeeman effect and to study the origin of spectral lines

The Jasco J-810 Spectropolarimeter allows measurement of both circular dichroism and UV/Vis absorption. The system has a 150 W Xe arc lamp and an operating range from 163 to 900 nm. A NIR sensitive PMT allows measurements out to 110nm. Up to four channels can be acquired simultaneously. Two channels have been incorporated for external signals such as temperature probes, pH meters etc. The internal signal can be chosen from circular dichroism and UV/Vis absorption or from the optical rotary dispersion and linear dichroism accessories.

Technical Specifications:

Light Source: 150 W Xe arc lamp

Wavelength Range: 165 - 1100 nm

Four Channel Simultaneous Data Acquisition

Circular Dichroism (CD)

UV-VIS Absorption

Optical Rotatory Dispersion (ORD)

Linear Dichroism (LD)

CD - absorption difference between left and right circularly polarized light for an electronic transition.

ORD - difference between the indices of refraction for left and right circularly polarized light.


Analysis of Bio-Macromolecules

Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Chiral Materials

Assignment of Electronic Absorption Bands