Malvern Nanoseries Zetasizer

zetasizer Overview:

Dynamic light scattering is a technique in physics, which can be used to determine the size distribution profile of small particles in solution. When light hits small particles the light scatters in all directions (Rayleigh scattering) so long as the particles are small compared to the wavelength (< 250 nm). If the light source is a laser, and thus is monochromatic and coherent, then one observes a time-dependent fluctuation in the scattering intensity. These fluctuations are due to the fact that the small molecules in solutions are undergoing Brownian motion and so the distance between the scatterers in the solution is constantly changing with time. This scattered light then undergoes either constructive or destructive interference by the surrounding particles and within this intensity fluctuation, information is contained about the time scale of movement of the scatterers.

Particle size - of particles and molecules from 0.6nm to 6 microns using NIBS technology and Dynamic Light Scattering

Zeta potential - in aqueous and non-aqueous dispersions using M3-PALS technology

Molecular weight - An absolute measurement using Static Light Scattering and the sensitivity from an avalanche-photodiode detector and fibre detection optics

Malvern Zetasizer Nano series and can measure all three parameters with no performance compromises.
The new technology incorporated in these systems provides unequalled sensitivity and versatility. The patented NIBS optics incorporated into the Nano Z and Nano ZS also allows measurements of samples with little or no dilution.
The unique disposable zeta potential cell ensures no cross contamination of samples.
All systems are compatible with the MPT-2 autotitrator to enable trend measurements and sample preparation to be automated.

Technical Specifications:

Size measurement
Particle size range: 0.6nm - 6µm
Minimum sample volume: 12µL-20µL
Sample concentration range: 0.1mg/mL Lysozyme to 40%w/v
Size measurement in continuous flow for use as SEC chromatography detector

Zeta measurement
Particle size range :5 nm - 10 µm
Minimum sample volume: 0.75 mL.

Molecular weight measurement
Molecular weight range: 1x103 Da - 2x107 Da
1x104 Da - 2x107 Da
Minimum sample volume: 12µL-20µL.
Minimum volume for automated measurement: 3mL.

Trend measurement
Size Vs Time
Size Vs Temperature
Zeta potential Vs Time
Zeta potential Vs Temperature

General specifications
Temperature range: 0ºC to 90ºC, over full range of ambient temperature
Condensation control: Purge facility using dry air.
Laser: 4mW He-Ne, 633nm
Laser attenuator : Automatic, transmission 100% to 0.0003%
Detector :Avalanche photodiode,Q.E > 50% at 633nm
Product laser class: Class 1 compliant, EN 60825-1:2001 and CDRH
Size :320mm, 600mm, 260mm (W,D,H) Weight : 21kg