Perkin Elmer Spotlight 400N FT-IR Microscope

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The Perkin Elmer 400 Series Spectrometer is a dual range bench top FT-IR instrument. Its fully optimized performance is achieved by the provision of dual sources, dual beamsplitters and dual detectors.

For the MIR Configuration:
The optical system enables you to collect data over a total range of 7800 to 370cm-1 with a best resolution of 0.5cm-1
It is fitted with an MCT (Mercury Cadmium Telluride) detector.

For the NIR Configuration:
The optical system enables you to collect data over a total range of 15000 to 1250cm-1 with a best resolution of 0.5cm-1.
An NIR DTGS (Deuterated Triglycine Sulphate) detector is fitted.

The instrument can operated in ratio, single beam and interferogram mode.
The PerkinElmer Spotlight 400 is an infrared imaging system allowing large sample areas to be analyzed in minutes and seconds rather than hours.
Its high sensitivity allows the smallest samples to be detected, while its IR imaging speed improves problem-solving time as well as redefines maximum measurement areas, revealing information not previously available thus extending IR analysis to many new applications with 6.25 µm and 25 µm pixel resolution.

There are also a number of accessories available for the system including a Universal ATR which fits directly into the sample compartment for easy analysis of liquid samples and surface coatings.

We also have an ATR Imaging accessory (Germanium crystal with a refractive index of 4.0) which enables collection of ATR images from a sample area that has been visually identified using the microscope. The accessory includes a mini stage to aid precise sample positioning. Also to ensure good optical contact during data collection, the accessory includes a mechanism that applies a consistent and controllable compressive force between the sample and the ATR crystal via the anvil.
The range of measurement of the accessory allows you to collect data over a total range of 4500cm-1 - 720cm-1 (ATR Imaging Mode) with a spatial resolution of 3.1µm at the centre of field.

Technical Specifications:

The Spotlight 400N combines state-of-the art imaging technology and full automation, maximizing productivity and accelerating problem solving. The Near-IR spectral range is particularly convenient for rapid sample imaging and sample preparation is often unnecessary. Spectra are collected directly from the sample surface at a pixel size of either 6.25 x 6.25 um or 25 x 25 um over a user-definable sampling area. Samples are simply stepped below a linear detector array, building an image at a rate of up to 80 pixels per second - for example at 25 x 25 um pixel size, a 1 x 1 mm sample area can be imaged in less than 1 minute and a 5 x 5 mm sample area in around 7 minutes. Each pixel corresponds to a high-quality NIR spectrum and by using Spotlight's built-in intelligent software routines, chemical differences between pixels are highlighted images that show the distribution of individual ingredients are quickly displayed.

Main Features:

Seamless automation simplifies set-up and measurement, increasing productivity and reducing errors
Two-in-one detector enables single-point microscopy as well as IR Imaging, allowing micro-contaminants in products and packaging to be identified in seconds
Powerful built-in data processing routines automate data analysis and provide quick answers
Superb visible image quality ensures accurate and easy sample inspection
User-defined sampling area and aspect ratio allows you to match the image size to the sample size.
Full range imaging from 7800 - 2200 cm-1 covers the most information-rich areas of the spectrum, maximising applications flexibility

Further Applications:

There are many other application-areas where FTIR and FT-NIR imaging can troubleshoot problems leading to significant cost savings.
Tablet stability studies
Dry powder electrostatic coating analysis
Counterfeit detection
Contamination identification
Packaging development
Transdermal patches and related delivery systems