Waters 600E HPLC with Dual Absorbance Detector

HPLC Overview:

High-performance liquid chromatography (or High pressure liquid chromatography, HPLC) is a form of column chromatography used frequently in biochemistry and analytical chemistry to separate, identify, and quantify compounds. HPLC utilizes a column that holds chromatographic packing material (stationary phase), a pump that moves the mobile phase(s) through the column, and a detector that shows the retention times of the molecules. Retention time varies depending on the distribution of analytes between the stationary phase and mobile phase.

The 600E Multisolvent Delivery System offers low-pressure gradient HPLC solvent delivery in a single-pump design.

The system features AutoBlendT Technology, which automatically blends up to four eluents in accurate proportions and runs any sequence of isocratic combinations (binary, tertiary and quaternary gradients). With AutoBlend, you can more easily perform automated methods development, column cleanup, system flushing, and sample prep. Its main features are:

-Reliable pump mechanics and improved flow path components
-Random Phase Synchronization (RPST) software, which ensures compositionally accurate and precise eluent blends at all flow rates and system backpressures
-Versatility to perform analytical and semi-preparative separations
-Flexible programming platforms with either the 600 controller or with -EmpowerT or MassLynxT Software
-Ability to program all of the pump, autosampler, and UV and/or RI detector paramaters directly from the keypad

Technical Specifications:

Pump: Waters 600E Multi-Solvent Delivery System

Detector: Waters 2487 Dual Absorbance UV/Visible Detector

Sampling: Rheodyne 7725i Injection Valve with Internal Switch

System Management: Waters Empower II Software