Postgraduate Theses Supervised


[1]“Picosekundenphotoleitung in Polyacetylen”, Doktors der Naturwissenschaften, von der Universitat Karlsruhe, Jurgen Reichenbach, (1992).

[2] “Picosekunden Anregungsspektroskopie an aromatischen Systemen : Kontrolle der Photodynamik durch chemische Modification”, Doktors der Naturwissenchaften, von der Universitat Karlsruhle, Jurgen Anders. (1992).

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[6] “In Situ Spectroscopy of Electronic Processes in Fullerene Thin Films”, DIT PhD, Gordon Chambers, July (2001).

[7] “Purification and Characterisation of Carbon Nanotubes”, DIT PhD,Sinead Keogh, July (2006)

[8] "The application of Raman microspectroscopy in the diagnosis of human tumours", DIT PhD, Eoghan Ó Faoláin, July (2006) (Jointly supervised with F. Lyng)

[9] “Carbon Nanotubes as Templates for Supramolecular Organisation of Organic Molecules”, DIT PhD (part-time), Theresa Hedderman, October (2006) (Jointly supervised with G. Chambers)

[10] "Structure Property Relationships in Conjugated Organic Polymers", DIT PhD, Luke O'Neill, November (2006)

[11] “The interaction of Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes within Natural Matrices”, DIT PhD, Alan Casey, August (2007) (Jointly supervised with G. Chambers)

[12] “Electroabsorption for probing the nature of Excited States in organic molecular systems”, DIT PhD (part-time), Garrett Farrell, January (2008) (Jointly supervised with G. Chambers)

[13] “Thermomechanical characterisation of Carbon Nanotube Blends”, DIT PhD (part - time), Elizabeth Gregan, September (2009).

[14] "Systematic Synthesis of Conjugated Organic Polymers", DIT PhD, Patrick Lynch, September (2008) (Jointly supervised with M. McNamara)

[15] “Systematic study of the Excited State Properties of Fullerene Nanostructures”, DIT PhD, Johnny Moghal, September 2008 (Jointly supervised with G. Chambers)

[16] “Spectroscopic and Chemometric Approaches to Radiobiological Analyses”, DIT PhD (part-time), Aidan Meade, October 2004 – September 2010 (Jointly supervised with F. Lyng)

[17] “Toxicology of Carbon Nano Particles”, DIT PhD, Eva Herzog, Jan 2009 (Jointly supervised with M. Davoren)

[18] “Purification, processing and characterisation of Carbon Nanotubes and their composites”, DIT PhD, (sponsored by Intel Ireland) Priya Baskar Rao, July 2009

[19] “Solubilisation and purification of Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes using organic molecules”, DIT PhD, Sourabhi Debnath, June 2010

[20] “Solubilisation and purification of Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes using organic solvents”, DIT PhD, Qiaohuan Cheng, May 2010

[21] “Carbon nanotubes as supports for metal nano catalysts”, DIT PhD (part-time), Anne Shanahan, June 2013 (Jointly supervised with M. McNamara, J.A. O'Sullivan (UCD))

[22] “Interactions of Carbon Nanotubes with Biological Systems assessed by Raman Spectroscopy”, DIT PhD, Peter Knief, October 2006-December 2010 (Jointly supervised with A. Meade)

[23] “Vibrational Spectroscopy for Cytology Applications”, DIT PhD, Kamila Stadnik (Ostrowska), April 2011 (Jointly supervised with F. Lyng)

[24] “Ecotoxicological Evaluation of nanoparticles of technological interest”, DIT PhD, Pratap Naha, March 2008-May 2011

[25] “Cytotoxicological Evaluation of nanoparticles of technological interest”, DIT PhD, Sourav Prasanna, March 2008-Jan 2012

[26] “Raman spectroscopic investigations of the effect of anticancer agents”, DIT PhD, Haq Nawaz, March 2008- Jan 2012 (Jointly supervised with A. Meade)

[27] “Electromechanical Properties of Bone at Nanometre and Micrometre Scale”, University of Limerick, PhD, Yuqi Zhang, Dec 2008 – Nov 2012 (Jointly supervised with T. Syed (UL) and B. Rodriguez (UCD)

[28] “Investigation of Radiation Induced Bystander signaling in Human Keratinocyte cells”, DIT, PhD, Kishore Kumar Jella, Oct 2008- Nov 2012, (Jointly supervised with F. Lyng)

[29] “Vibrational spectroscopy for the analysis of skin disease” DIT PhD, Mehmood Syed Ali, April 2008- Jan 2013 (Jointly supervised with F. Lyng and F. Bonnier)

[30] “Vibrational Spectroscopy for analysis of cervical tissue”, DIT PhD, Nosheen Rashid, Oct 2008-Jan 2013 (Jointly supervised with F. Lyng)

[31] “Polystyrene: A Potential Standard For Developing In Vitro Cellular Tracking Methods For Nanotoxicology”, DIT PhD, Jennifer Dorney, March 2008 – May 2013 (Jointly supervised with G. Chambers)

[32] “Dynamic Uptake of nanoparticles by ecological species”, DIT, PhD, Maria Casado, October 2009- Nov 2013

[33]  “Structure activity relationships governing the interaction of nanoparticles with human cells – predictive models for toxicology and medical applications”, DIT PhD, Marcus Maher, October 2011 – April 2016

[34] “Novel micro- and nano-structures for the delivery of bioactive compounds”, DIT PhD, Humza Khalid, October 2011 – Ongoing

[35] “Spectroscopic Imaging of nanoparticles in biological cells”, DIT PhD, Mark Keating, October 2011- March 2016

[36] “Oral Drug Delivery product development and optimisation techniques using Raman and IR Spectroscopy”, DIT PhD, Dáire O’Donnell, March 2013 - March 2017 (Jointly supervised with M. Rosa, Sigmoid Pharma Ltd)

[37]  “Translation of pharmaceutical drug delivery to nutraceutical delivery using in-vitro and in-vivo techniques”, DIT PhD, Minna Khalid, March 2013 - April 2017 (Jointly supervised with Sinéad Ryan (UCD), Jesús Frias)

[38] “Vibrational Spectroscopy as a novel in vitro Nanotoxicological screening assay”, DIT PhD, Esen Efeoglu, November 2013 - November 2017 (Jointly supervised with Alan Casey)

[39] “Vibrational Spectroscopy as a novel in vitro chemotherapeutic assessment protocol”, DIT PhD, Zeineb Farhane, December 2013 – November 2017 (Jointly supervised with Franck Bonnier)

[40] “Reabilitação protética na região auricular: análise por elementos finitos de implantes maxilofaciais extraorais conexão hexágono externo e cone Morse, investigação da fotoestabilidade e caracterização espectroscópica de um elastômero maxilofacial modificado tipo A”, Univerity of Sao Paolo PhD, Marina Leite Pimentel, April 2017.

[41] “The potential of Raman spectroscopy for the detection of precancerous oral lesions”, Ola Ibrahim, DIT PhD, November 2013 - March 2018

[42] “Fungal Biofactories: Improved Delivery of Natural Selenium from the Cultivated Mushroom (Agaricus Bisporus)”, DIT PhD, Giuliana Vozza, March 2014 – June 2018 (Jointly supervised with J. Frias)

[43] “Development of human serum proteomics using vibrational spectroscopy for early disease diagnostics”, DIT PhD, Drishya Rajan Parachalil, June 2015 – Ongoing (Jointly supervised with J. McIntyre)

[44] “Raman Microspectroscopic mapping for early detection of precancerous oral lesions”, DIT PhD, Isha Behl, June 2015 – Ongoing (Jointly supervised with F. Lyng)

[45] “Spectral analysis of human saliva for detection of oral cancer and oral dysplasia by FTIR and Raman spectroscopy”, DIT PhD, Genecy Calado, July 2015 – Ongoing (Jointly supervised with F. Lyng)

[46] "Understanding the in-vitro distribution, integrity and toxicity of 2D Molybdenum Disulphide using advanced microscopic, spectroscopic and chemometric approaches", DIT PhD, Caroline Moore, September 2015 - Ongoing (Jointly supervised with J. McIntyre)

[47] "Development of 3D in vitro tissue models for the analysis of solar skin damage", DIT PhD, Ulises Lopez Gonzalez, Oct 2016- Ongoing

Masters and Other

[1] “Electronic and Optical Properties of C60 in the Solid State : Considerations of Photo and Chemical Stability”, Trinity College Dublin, MSc, Lidia Akselrod (1993).

[2] “Nichtlinear Photolumineszenz und picosekunden-spektroscopie im Polyparaphenylen Leiterpolymer”, Diplomarbeit, Technischen Universitaet Graz, Gerald Kranzelbinder (1995).

[3] “Optimisation of solid state organic materials for laser applications”, DIT MPhil, Kieran Henderson, November (2004).

[4] “Correlation of vibrational spectroscopy and luminescence quantum yields and stimulated emission”, DIT MPhil,Liam Reeves, November (2004).

[5] “Nonlinear electronic and optical processes in fullerene thin films”, DIT MPhil, Siobhán Phelan, (July 2004) (Jointly supervised with G. Chambers).

[6] “Critical comparison of quantum dots and laser dyes for luminescent solar concentrators”, Diplomarbeit, Univ. Juelich, Stephan Botta, July (2005)

[7] “Signal conditioning in Raman Spectroscopy Signals”, Diplomarbeit, Univ. Juelich, Peter Knief, July (2006)

[8] “Electronic properties of fullerene thin films”, DIT MPhil, Naomi Brant, November (2006)

[9] “Vibrational spectroscopic analysis of interaction of quantum dots with biological systems”, DIT MPhil, Lorenzo Salford, May 2010 (Jointly supervised with A. Meade)

[10] 'The determination of the Potential Risks associated with Engineered Nanoparticles in Aquatic Environments', DIT MPhil, Karina Carey, Nov 2014 (Jointly supervised with G. Chambers and A. Casey)