Dr. Orla Cahill


Tel: 01 4027544


PhD. in Molecular Microbiology, Waterford Institute of Technology (October 2004)

BSc. In Biology with Quality Management (1.1 First Class Hons) (October 1999)

Professional Experience

Assistant Lecturer, School of Food Science & Environmental Health, DIT, Cathal Brugha St, Dublin 1; (April 2014-Present)

Postdoctoral researcher, National Centre for Plasma & Sensor Technology, DCU, Glasnevin, Dublin 9; (June 2011-April 2014)

Hourly Paid Assistant Lecturer in Biological & Chemical Sciences, School of Food Science & Environmental Health, DIT Cathal Brugha St, Dublin 1; (September 2008-June 2013)

Chief R&D Microbiologist, Arann Healthcare Ltd, Invent Centre, DCU, Glasnevin Dublin 9;  (February 2011 – August 2013)  

Assistant Lecturer on Biotechnology, School of Biotechnology, Dublin City University, Glasnevin, Dublin 9.

Principal Investigator on Enterprise Ireland POC research project. School of Biotechnology/ National Centre for Plasma & Sensor Technology, DCU, Glasnevin, Dublin 9; (December 2006-February 2008)

Research Experience

Development and application of novel decontamination systems for applications in the food industry.
Investigation of a laser based Air sampling system for the detection of air-borne microbes in the food industry,
Identification of bioactive compounds for applications in the food and pharmaceutical industry.
Molecular identification of novel microbial populations.
Isolation and Molecular analysis of virulence factors associated with Cronobacter sakazakii.
Rapid identification of Allergens in foods.


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“Cold air plasma to decontaminate inanimate surfaces of the hospital environment” Cahill O Claro T, O'Connor N., Cafolla AA, Stevens N.T., Daniels S., Humphreys H. Applied Environmental Microbiology 2014; 80: 2004-10.
 “The antimicrobial effects of helium and helium-air plasma on Staphylococcus aureus and Clostridium difficile.” Galvin S, Cahill O, O’Connor N, Cafolla AA, Daniels S, Humphreys H.H. Lett Appl Microbiol. 2013 Apr 22. “Microbial monitoring of the hospital environment: why and how?.“ Galvin S, Dolan A, Cahill O, Daniels S, Humphreys H.H. - Journal of Hospital Infection, Issue 3, Volume 82, p143-151.
“Phenotypic, molecular and antibiotic resistance profiling of nosocomial Pseudomonas aeruginosa strains isolated from two Irish Hospitals”. Ferguson D., Cahill O., Quilty B. Journal Of Biological & Medical Sciences, Issue 1 Volume 2007.
 “Characterisation of the nitrile hydratase gene clusters of Rhodococcus erythropolis strains AJ270 and AJ300 and Microbacterium sp. AJ115 indicates horizontal gene transfer and reveals an insertion of IS1166”. O’Mahony R., Doran J., Coffey L., Cahill O., Black GW., and O’Reilly C. Antoine van Leeuwenhoek.

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