Dr. Renee Malone


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e-mail: renee.malone@dit.ie






Dr Renee Malone lectures in Biotechnology an area in which she has significant research experience both in Europe and the United States.


Research Interests

  • Biotechnology - crop plant transformation, and chloroplast transformation particularly with reference to containment of inserted genes and gene targeting
  • The development and use of molecular detection methods (including PCR) in the identification and quantification of foreign genes in genetically modified foods


Current Research Projects

  • Participant in the Food Research Unit for Investigation of the Safety and Quality of Innovative Minimal Processing funded under TSR Strand 111 2002-2005
  • Enzymes of Aldehyde Metabolism
  • Quantitative Determination of Genetically Modified Organisms
  • Peroxidase Enzymes: Role in Plant Stress and Development


Mohamed A. El-Esawi, Paula Bourke, Kieran Germaine and Renee Malone.Molecular characterization of genetic diversity and phylogeny in Irish Brassica oleracea germplasm using microsatellite (SSR) markers.  (in press 2015).

Mohamed A. El-Esawi, Paula Bourke, Kieran Germaine and Renee Malone.AFLP analysis of genetic diversity and relationships in Irish Brassica oleracea species. (in press 2015)

Deborah Vicuna Requesens, Renee P. Malone and Philip J. Dix, (2014). Expression of a Barley Peroxidase in Transgenic Apple (Malus domestica L.) Results in Altered Growth, Xylem Formation and Tolerance to Heat Stress. Journal of Plant Sciences, 9: 58-66.

Mohamed A. El-Esawi, Paula Bourke, Kieran Germaine and Renee Malone. (2012), Assessment of Morphological Variation in Irish Brassica oleracea Species. Journal of Agricultural Science; Vol. 4, No. 10. 20-34

Deborah Vicuna, Renee P. Malone and Philip J. Dix (2011) Increased Tolerance to Abiotic Stresses in Tobacco Plants Expressing a Barley Cell Wall Peroxidase. Journal Of Plant Sciences. Vol 6,Number 1, 1-13 

A.Bittsánszky, G. Gyulai, R. P. Malone, G. Gullner1, J. Kiss, M. Czakó, L. Márton, I. Heszky and T. Kômíves (2007). Triggering of a Plant Molecular Defense Mechanism; Increase in Gene Expression Levels of Transgene gshI and Poplar Gene gsh1 (Populus x canescens) by Response to the DNA Demethylating Drug DHAC – an qRT-PCR Analysis. Acta Phytopathologica et Entomologica Hungarica 42 (1), pp. 235–243 

Mee B., Kelleher, D., Frias J., Malone, R., Tipton, K.F., Henehan, G.T.M and Windle H.J. (2005). Characterisation of cinnamyl alcohol dehydrogenase of Helicobacter pylori: an aldehyde dismutating enzyme. FEBS J  Mar; 272(5): 1255-64.

Malone, R., Horvath, G.V.,Cseplo, A., Buzas, B., Dix, P.J., and Medgyesy, P. (1992).Impact of stringency of cell selection on plastid segregation in protoplast fusion derived Nicotiana  regenerants.  Theor. Appl. Genet. 85, 866-873.

Gallois, P., Lindsey, K., Malone, R., Kreis, M. and Jones, M.G.K. (1992). Gene rescue in plants by direct gene transfer of total genomic DNA into protoplasts.  Nucleic Acids Research.  20, 15, 3977-3982.

Yong-Shen Xu, Eija Pehu, Renee Malone and Michael GK Jones (1991).  Plant regeneration from protoplasts of Solanum species with potential agricultural value.  Plant Cell Reports.  9, 520-522.


Book Chapters

Bittsánszky A, G Gyulai, RP Malone, I Bock, LY Murenets, M Czakó, T Kömíves, H Rennenberg (2015) Barcoding of transgenes in GM plants. In. Ali MA, G Gyulai, F Al-Hemaid (Eds) Plant DNA barcoding and phylogenetics. LAP Lambert Academic Publ. Germany. Chapter 17. pp. 269-278.

Gyulai G, RP Malone, L Waters Jr, L Heszky, E Kiss (2011) Morphogeneticsof ancient Vitis seeds from Antiquity (3rd and 11th - 15th Cents Hungary) - A genotype reconstruction. In. Plant Archaeogenetics. Ed. by G Gyulai. Chapter 5. pp. 41–48. Nova Sci Publisher Inc., New York, USA. ISBN 978-1-61122-644-7.

Gallois, P., Lindsey, K and Malone, R.(1995).  Electroporation of tobacco leaf protoplasts using plasmid DNA or total genomic DNA.  In: Methods in Molecular Biology, Vol. XX. Protocols for Electroporation and Electrofusion of Plant and Animal cells.  (J.A. Nickoloff ed.)  Humana Press Inc., NJ. Chapter 17.

Malone, R.P., and Dix, P.J., (1986).  Selection for herbicide resistance in tissue cultures of Fragaria and Nicotiana.  In:  Plant Tissue Culture and its Agricultural Applications (Withers, L.A. and Alderson, P.G. (eds).  Butterworths, London pp 4790486.

Supervision of Postgraduate Research


  • Detection of genetically modified foods. MPhil Thesis (1999), Dublin Institute of Technology.


  • Plant Biotechnology; MPhil in progress funded under Technological Sector Research Strand 1, 2001.
  • The role of peroxidase enzyme in plant stress and development; MPhil in progress funded under Technological Sector Research Strand 1, 2001.
  • Enzymes of aldehyde metabolism; MPhil in progress funded under MPhil funded under Technological Sector Research Strand 1, 2000.

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