TU Dublin Library Access

TU Dublin alumni may receive free reference access at all TU Dublin libraries and discounts on external readership with a Graduate Network membership card.

To gain access to any of the TU Dublin libraries, Network members require a Graduate Network membership card. These cards can be obtained from either the Student Service Centre, where on the production of proof of membership*, your photo will be taken and you will be issued with your card. For further information on the various TU Dublin libraries, including opening hours, please click here. 

*To obtain your proof, just email us your request, which must include your name, date of birth and graduation year, and we'll forward on your proof by email.

On the production of a Graduate Network membership card, members are entitled to free reference access at any TU Dublin Library.  The card also entitles holders to a €20 reduction on the €60 fee to join the library as an external reader. 

Please note, for reasons beyond our control, online access and WI-FI access are not included in the above.