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Your Graduation Day 

We pride ourselves in the fact that approximately 4,500 students will graduate from TU Dublin this Year. We understand the amount of work you have put in to get this far and so we would like to make the day as enjoyable and memorable for you as we can.  In order to do this we have outlined the schedule of events for the day so you are well versed on what is happening and what steps you need to take on the day to ensure it runs smoothly for you.   

What is fundamental to the day is that you follow the four-step checklist outlined below, this will ensure things so run smoothly enjoyable and memorable. 

Transport options to TU Dublin Aungier Street are available here.

Ceremony dates:  Autumn 2018


In advance of the date for your graduation ceremony, you will have booked your robes with our gowning company and check the date and time of your ceremony.

4 Step Check List for your Graduations Day

Please ensure you complete step 2 before moving onto step 3. 

1.     Arrive at your assigned time as outlined in the graduation schedule for your programme ‌

2.     Go to the basement area in TU Dublin Aungier Street and collect your tickets/seat numbers from TU Dublin Staff

3.     Now go to the robe collection point and collect your robes.

4.     Go to St Patricks Cathedral and be seated at least 30 minutes before the ceremony is due to start.

Students who do not complete step two of the checklist and sign the attendance sheet with the TU Dublin graduations team are presumed not to be in attendance and will not be called to collect their parchment and instead will be conferred in absentia.

As there will be a significant number of students registering for each ceremony, we ask that you please be on time. The graduations team have significant administrative duties to fulfill for each ceremony to ensure it runs smoothly.

A lot of this work can only be completed in the short time after registration closes, so regretfully we cannot facilitate late students.


Dress Code:

The Graduation Ceremony is a formal occasion and Graduands are required to be suitably dressed. 

For Gentlemen:               

Suits, or Trousers, shirt and Tie are appropriate


For Ladies:

Ladies are required to wear neat and appropriate dress


Graduation Robes:

It is customary for our Graduands to wear Academic Robing to receive their award.  Our robing company will be in the TU Dublin Aungier Street on the day to fit you for your robe.  A reminder that Academic robes should be returned immediately after the ceremony.



Each Graduand may bring two guests to the ceremony.  On registration with the Graduations Team, you will receive two tickets your guests will sit in the free seating area with other guests, Graduands will sit with their class.  You should ensure that you take good care of your tickets as you will need them to gain access to the Cathedral, there will be no entry without a ticket.   

The Ceremony:

The ceremony take place in St. Patricks Cathedral, will last approximately one hour and fifteen minutes.  We require that all guests remain in place until the newly conferred graduates have left the Cathedral in a procession. Click for a map of to the venue St Patricks Cathedral Map


When the Ceremony is over we would like to invite you for refreshments at the Courtyard Restaurant at TU Dublin Aungier Street. 


The TU Dublin photographer will also be in attendance on the day, these pictures will be available to view on the graduate network Facebook page a few days after the ceremony.

Car Parking:

There is no parking availability at TU Dublin Aungier Street.  Nearest public car parking is available at St Stephens Green Shopping Centre, Dury Street Car Park, Brown Thomas Car Park, click on our link Car Park Information  for maps and website access outlining costs.

A final word from us

At TU Dublin City Campus, we value how hard our students work to make it to Graduation and it gives us great pleasure to see our students graduate and move on to the next exciting stage of their lives. We continue to wish you the best of luck and great success in the coming years.