The Greenway Hub is a 5-story (4300 m2) state-of-the-art facility containing 12 laboratories, shared working spaces, meeting rooms, a seminar room, and commercialisation and incubation spaces.

ESHI Facilities

The 2,500m² ESHI floorspace is spread across the two upper levels of the Greenway Hub with accommodation for researchers, full-time PhD research students and administrative staff working in biological, chemical, physical, optical and spectroscopic sciences. Ten specialist laboratories are provided, with the integration of a large number of pieces of high-spec scientific equipment, along with shared working spaces, meeting rooms and seminar space. 

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 P‌hotographer Credit: Bowe O'Brien Photography

DIT Hothouse Facilities

The 2,000m² DIT Hothouse facility is housed on the first three levels of the Greenway Hub, providing office space and supports to the next generation of innovative entrepreneurs and their teams. The space features a mix of work units of varying sizes, hot desks, meeting rooms and a number of breakout areas. 

More Information - DIT Hothouse Facilities

P‌hotographer Credit: Bowe O'Brien Photography