Dr. Coy?s Health Foods featured in Irish Times!

dr coys

A chocolate bar that’s actually good for you while tasting nice might sound too good to be true but it has been developed by Irish company Dr Coy’s Health Foods and is available in shops around the country. The Dr Coy’s bars offer tasty chocolate with health and nutritional benefits: they have lower effects on blood glucose levels, are high in fibre and vitamin E, and are gluten and lactose free.

The company’s products use ingredients which stemmed from Dr Coy’s medical research. These include galactose and tocotrienol (vitamin E), which both offer significant health benefits. Tocotrienol has strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and has been shown to reduce bad cholesterol and strengthen the immune system. Galactose provides energy without increasing blood sugar and has been demonstrated to aid concentration.

Having researched the market in 2013 Stroh decided to develop an adult snack first and launched it last June. “We developed and patented an innovative chocolate range with certified health benefits which does not raise blood sugar levels.

According to Stroh, the Dr Coy’s range has significant advantages over direct competitors and other snacks which make health claims. “We are uniquely positioned vis à vis the competition in that the strong branding and messaging for our entire range is focused on positive eating,” she says. “We appeal to customers who have a desire to eat healthily but do not necessarily have to for medical reasons – for example, 97 per cent of new gluten-free purchasers in the UK are not coeliac. Many healthy snacks on the market are priced between €1.80 and €4.50 in health food stores. We have priced our bars at €2 and have found customers very receptive to this price point.”

The market response to the range has been very encouraging with Sir Richard Bransonamong its early fans. Sales performance has exceeded early projections and expectations. The products are on sale in more than 60 retail outlets including Applegreen service stations, Avoca, Lloyds Pharmacies and Brown Thomas.

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