New Technology from DIT: A High Density Aquaculture System


AquaFarm: A High Density Cassette System for Intensive Aquaculture

AquaFarm is a novel modular recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) that enables low cost farming of aquatic species in high density. The system is an above ground, modular shelving system where tanks are stacked and easily accessed with each sliding out as required.

AquaFarm offers a lower cost and more ergonomically efficient RAS than existing commercially available systems. This type of system provides a flat pack alternative for farmers and food producers who wish to develop an aquaculture business of any scale. It is also an attractive proposition for those already involved in the seafood business or the farming of marine fish.

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Further Information and Demonstration
If you would like to learn more about this innovative technology or discuss licensing opportunities, please contact Stephen Davis, DIT Hothouse Marketing Officer on +353 1 402 7144 or email