Hothouse Company Launches Innovative New Stylus for iOS Devices


Last month an excited team of designers and developers watched as Dublin Design Studio founder David Craig ‘pressed the button’ to launch a campaign to raise €65,000 in crowdfunding by generating pre-sales for the Scriba digital pens.

What makes Scriba unique is the revolutionary and highly responsive squeeze motion which completely changes the way we interact with our mobile devices giving unprecedented control to creative app users such as illustrators and designers, in fact anyone who likes to draw using an iPad.

Scriba’s beautiful and unique design offers more control and comfort than any stylus on the market. With a standby charge of over six months and hundreds of hours of use time, it is also one of the most reliable.

Unlike a button-controlled stylus, Scriba's squeeze motion can be programmed to provide instant access to a whole range of software functions without changing settings or having to fumble with options.


Designer and entrepreneur, David Craig participated on Phase 1 of the New Frontiers programme at DIT Hothouse which commenced in September 2014. He was subsequently successful in securing a place on Phase 2 of the programme, which he completed just recently in June 2015. 

David spent an exciting two years designing, developing, testing and perfecting Scriba, a revolutionary new electronic stylus for drawing directly onto the screen of an iPad or iPhone.

The project has progressed remarkably. Until last year he was working alone in his spare bedroom. Now, with fully-functioning prototypes, a team of ten people based in the DIT Hothouse Incubation Centre in Docklands Innovation Park, the team have chosen crowdfunding as the means for taking Scriba a step closer to a global market and to help in building the business further.


Scriba communicates with your drawing app using Bluetooth to let you control functions like line thickness with a gentle squeeze. Scriba’s unique form has been ergonomically designed around the shape and movement of your hand to offer unparalleled comfort. It is so simple to use says Craig: “Just give it a squeeze; that’s all the training you need!"

 Stylus Body Image