DIT Hothouse Technology Selected for National Ploughing Championships Innovation Arena

Technologies from DIT

SmartFarm, a new technology developed in the Applied Intelligence Research Centre (AIRC) at Dublin Institute of Technology has been chosen to exhibit at the Enterprise Ireland and Toplink.ie Innovation Arena at the 84th National Ploughing Championships in Ratheniska, Co Laois from September 22nd – 24th 2015. SmartChick was selected as one of 44 finalists from over 150 applications and will be exhibited by members of the DIT Hothouse and the AIRC.

About SmartFarm
SmartFarm is an analytics support decision system in poultry farming. The technology is based on an algorithm that monitors existing big data and extrapolates new patterns and trends that can immediately add value to existing poultry farming systems. SmartFarm builds on data available in Electronic Control Units (ECUs), which are commonplace on poultry farms, and specifically investigate the real time analysis and reporting of factors affecting Feed Conversion Rates in poultry flocks. Feed Conversion Rates (FCR) in a given flock is the ratio of animal feed consumed to animal weight gain. The FCR is a key metric which affects the profitability of a given flock of animals, and it is thus vital that farmers are aware of any environmental or feeding factors that may be impacting FCR. The technology is currently optimised for poultry rearing but it is expected to be expanded to broader herds of livestock as the project progresses. 

The DIT Agri Analytics Research Group
The DIT Agri Analytics Research Group (AARG) works with agricultural companies of all size in developing innovative new analytics-driven decision support systems for precision agriculture, e.g herd health improvement, poultry flock productivity and grass land productivity. Dr. Robert Ross, inventor of SmartChick and head of the DIT AARG, has over 13 years of research experience in the broad field of Artificial Intelligence. Dr. Ross has been working on projects related to the deployment of Analytics techniques to the agriculture domain for over a year.

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The AARG, through the support of DIT Hothouse, have partnered with PE Services, an Irish agricultural systems provider, on further development of this technology. DIT Hothouse is currently seeking other companies in the agricultural space to license the technology.

PULLUS and the ITT Dublin MiCRA Centre
Our colleagues from the MiCRA Bio-diagnostics Centre in ITT Dublin have also been selected as one of the 44 finalists for their novel technology, PULLUS - a Water Monitoring Technology with Applications in Poultry Farming. The MiCRA Team will be exhibiting alongside DIT Hothouse in the Innovation Arena.


National Ploughing Championships 2015
The National Ploughing Championships is Europe's largest outdoor exhibition and agricultural trade show, attracting an average of 1,350 exhibitors and over 200,000 visitors each year. To learn more about the event and to book your tickets, visit www.npa.ie 

Further Information and Demonstration
If you would like to learn more about any of these innovative technologies, view a live demonstration or discuss licensing opportunities, please contact Stephen Davis, DIT Hothouse Marketing Officer on +353 1 402 7144 or email stephen.davis@dit.ie