New Frontiers alumnus featured in top spot of the ?30 under 30? list

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Thirty under 30 - it's a whole new generation shaping the future of business

They are the young turks who will be shaping the future in coming decades. Scattered around the globe, these 30 super smart men and women are brimming with ideas to disrupt old industries or create market-changing new businesses.

Who’s behind it?

The two Conors are the founders of WattSpot - a one-year-old business that makes tabletop mobile phone chargers for places like restaurants and cafes. Their clients include Insomnia, Topaz, William Hill, the Shelbourne Hotel, and many Irish universities. They have also just signed a deal with Ladbrokes Ireland.


Future plans?

Now Nolan (pictured above) and McGowan are turning their attention towards wireless charging - aiming to be 'truly wireless' before 2018.

"We have very ambitious plans going forward, leading the charging industry into what will be an incredibly exiting period and turning WattSpot into a household name. Wireless charging for all devices will become as abundant as WiFi and we will wonder how we ever lived without it," Nolan told the Sunday Independent.

How is it funded?

The company is both self-funded and supported by Enterprise Ireland’s New Frontiers programme.

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